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Feb 172015

3.5 million XP, and all while still in her skivvies
3.5 million XP while still in her skivvies

Last weekend was a bonus experience weekend. Specifically, there was a bonus to Heroic experience, and also a bonus to VIP experience. By coincidence, it was also a weekend in which I would be Reincarnating my halfling commando Mawry, not once but twice.

Is this truly a coincidence? Further investigation seems to be in order.

The only way to reincarnate twice in a weekend is via Otto’s Irresistable Box. No one is earning 3.8 million experience that quickly via questing. At 4995 Turbine Points each, Otto’s Box are expensive(!), and something I would only buy for special occasions. In fact i have only bought two ever.

Unlike most DDO Store items, Otto’s boxes can be gifted, and that is how I obtained the one I used this weekend. Free to me, yay! But very expensive for my Gamer Girl. Yet another reminder of how lucky I am to have her.

But I digress.

Otto’s Irresistable Boxes contain a Stone of Experience worth 2,000,000 XP. But there is more:

  • Five major slayer boost potions
  • Some (I forget how many) Superior experience boost potions
  • 1 reincarnation timer bypass
  • Either 65 Astral Shards or a gelatinous cube pet (you choose)

Be careful with those Superior XP boosts. They are called “Superior”, but really they aren’t, there is a better one. You can fool yourself into thinking you have the best XP boost at a time when you really do not; I wish they’d been named something more honest like “really good but not quite the best”.

I speak from experience. I’ve screwed this up before. Sadly, I have to admit that I’ve done so more than once. My Gamer Girl now performs a quality assurance check any time I am about to use an XP Stone:

  1. Sovereign potion, not Superior
  2. Voice is on (or now, Master’s Gift augment is on
  3. Ship buff is in place

When done correctly, the Stone of XP will award not just 2,000,000 XP, but more. MOAR!

1,000,000 bonus from the Sovereign potion
  100,000 bonus from the Master's Gift
  100,000 bonus from the large ship bonus

So now you are getting 3.2 million. But wait, it gets better. If you are a VIP that is a 10% bonus, and the VIP bonus stacks!

  200,000 bonus from VIP

And one more that I just discovered. Bonus weekend XP does not stack. Except this weekend I learned that is an incomplete statement; bonus Heroic XP does not stack. Bonus VIP XP does stack. It does!

  100,000 bonus from VIP bonus weekend

Meaning all I had left was a measly 300,000 to earn for real. With the bonus weekend in play (including that Heroic add which certainly does stack when gaining quest XP), I was able to knock that out in a couple of hours in the Orchard of the Macabre and Reaver’s Reach.

Boom. Level 20. In two hours.

There are a couple of morals to this tale.

First, if you are going to invest in an Otto’s Box, take the time to do so thoroughly. Do your own QA check before clicking on the stone.

Second, that bonus weekend VIP add does stack when receiving Stone of Experience awards. It totally does. Meaning it is even more worthwhile than it seemed.

VIP: Very Important Points!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Good to know that the VIP bonus does actually stack, I keep trying to work out which is faster to do:

    1. Start at level 1 and work through to level 7 or 8 then use the stone with boosts which takes you straight to level 20.


    2. At level 1 use the stone plus boosts then run Vale quests or something for last bit.

    I am beginning to think that option 2 is the “faster” of the two.

  2. It’s a handy trick.. and combined with the LR+20 hearts that were given out with the enhancement pass, it let me get a couple of druid past lives on my artificer then switch & start re-levelling arty again in one day.

  3. definitely good to know.

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