Feb 232016

Oh that wacky Sor’Jek.

Not only can he hit so hard you go flying off his mountain – far, far into the distance – but apparently he hits with precision too.

Last night was alt guild Torchwood night. With seven of us, too many for a quest, but no one flagged for anything raidy. So instead, Tempest’s Spine, the no-flagging raid where everyone can play. We were a little high-level, 14-17, but with little else in sight there was nothing for it but to gird up and go to House Jorasco.

As one would expect when one is 2-to-5 levels over, there was little difficulty. Recklessly diving into masses of monsters, heedless zerging, it can be kind of fun to dominate like this, especially with a side character like my Warforged warrior Exterminate that hasn’t gotten much design attention or gearing.

The biggest challenge was staying together. Something about the twisty three-dimensions of Tempest Spine has always been challenging for some players, even when they’ve run the raid many times. It is easy to get turned around. But even so, progress was quick, and soon we were at the end fight.

With Sor’Jek.

On top of his mountain.

With his humongous sword.

Still, we remain over-level, and even a humongous sword isn’t going to change that. The end fight goes swiftly. Until … suddenly I am flying, propelled off of the mountain as if I’d been expertly struck by the world’s largest 2-iron.

No worries, this has happened to me before, lots of times.

Except this time is different; I am not alone.

Vertical Centipede

A bladeforged, a shadar kai, and a warforged fly over a bar …

Apparently Sor’jek hit so hard he knocked three of us off at the same time. And not just at the same time, but in the exact same direction!

The accidentally-created Vertical Centipede from a different angle

From a different angle

I’ve never seen this before.

Three of us, flying through the air together. I wondered if maybe this was some sort of artifact of my game client, that I was the only one seeing this. But my Gamer Girl had been hit too – that is her Shadar Kai there in between the two warforged – and I could lean over to her monitor and see that she was getting the same thing as I.

Three of us, hurtling far away, but to the exact same destination.

He hit us so hard and we were going so far that there was plenty of time for screenshots, and comparisons over voice chat, and laughter. Lots of laughter.

I guess if one plays this game long enough, one sees everything. Even things that one didn’t know were a possibility.

Like this.

A vertical centipede.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Awesome!!!!! You forgot to mention that we had to argue with Pink over who would be doing the puzzle. Preteens….sigh

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