Velah and Cydonie

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Jun 112013

Holy cow, this game still manages to surprise me. You vets probably new this but I was still shocked


I was trying to solo The Chronoscope on heroic elite at level the other day but ended up just exploring the raid and to my surprise I found  two sneaky dragons in there in the form of two hot elves:




That’s right, Velah and Cydonie! I never new they were in this raid. And they have this nice dialog about the Draconic Prophecy:



Well, that’s all. Have a good day and lots of DDO

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  1. Yep, I knew about those two. Velah really did get a raw deal when we were tricked into slaying her and given that she and Cydonie were apparently friends, it’s amazing Cydonie still has faith that we won’t bugger up The Reaver’s Fate.

  2. Velah knew she would not survive her actions. She says as much. Not to mention her slaying all those dwarves in the vault and turning the survivors into zombies.

    She’s no better than we are. Not that we are all that good either.

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