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Valenar Tendencies. By StarboyK

I found DDO when a search to learn about Dungeons and Dragons returned the Turbine product as the top result.  I started the download, which took three days.  Well worth the wait, I fell in love with the game while still in Korthos.  I started playing DDO in December 2010 and had never played an MMORPG.  Attempting to mimic Drizzt, I played a multi-classed drow ranger.  I was terrible.  But I learned, and I got better.

I liked the idea of TR’ing.  The level cap was 20, and I struggled through the epic content until I had collected my twenty Tokens of the Twelve and headed immediately to the hobgoblin in House J.  Every life it has been the same.  I think I will grind the epic content, but as soon as I have my 20 tokens, I HAVE to TR.

My second incarnation was as an elf Favored Soul.  In retrospect, I wish I had waited to play that life, but it solidified my play style.  I love swinging twin scimitars while displaced.  I toy around with the possibility of doing this with Eldritch Knight, but that’s still a few lives from now.

As a melee, I play a shadowmarked Valenar elf- with just six levels of ranger.  The racial and tempest enhancements have great synergy with dex builds and scimitars with on-crit damage, especially Bloodletting.  A chest full of scimitars has served me well for five of my seven lives (actually my barb life I wielded falchions, still as a Valenar).

Now, my seventh life is nearing it’s end, monk life on the horizon.  I find myself wishing that Whirling Steel Strike applied to scimitars, provided one was a Valenar elf, but alas, the chest full of scimitars must become dusty.  Thus, I shall incarnate as a drow for the third time.  This time as a Ninja Spy.  Woe is me, and this is why…

In my time playing, I have often found myself at the behest of Google, attempting to find an elf or drow build that somewhat exemplify the builds I have in my mind’s eye.  Typically, this endeavor leads to no result or to an explanation of why elf or drow has no upside.  I’ve enjoyed patrolling the Khyber server, my slender frame sporting sub-optimal elven builds that manage to stand alongside almost any other melee.  I enjoyed that play style even before the enhancement trees existed, then more with what came in the Tempest tree.

There are 4 Tempest abilities (2 of which are top tier) that when coupled with Haste Boost create one fierce combatant; Elaborate Parry and The Growing Storm build your damage and survivability for a time.  A Thousand Cuts raises Doublestrike by something like 90% for a few seconds.  Couple that with my favorite ranger enhancement: Dance of Death, which allows you to attack 4 enemies at once and you really do feel like a hurricane of blades.  I thought Dance of Death was a super power before, and then they lowered the cooldown.  Tempests can also take advantage of dex to hit, dex to dmg, and they treat scimitars as light weapons.  It is hard for me to imagine playing anything else with my main.

Granted my gear is specialized and tweeked to the max- masterwork, bloodletting, festival burst, and force critical damage added to most non-named gear, but the result can be achieved at least to a minor degree to any level 6 ranger who can find a couple of scimitars.   I know I should be excited to play my monk life, and I am, however, I am already missing the lifestyle that comes with being a Shadowmarked Valenar Tempest, one of the deadliest combinations I have seen- totally underrated and almost too much fun.

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  1. I like two-weapon fighting too! And welcome to DDOGamer!

  2. Thank you for being here! – Cordovan, DDO Community Manager – Turbine/WB Games

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