Aug 242016

Deconstruct all of these!Update 32 approaches – we even have a date for it now – bringing with it new content (yay!) and an all-new bright and shiny Cannith Crafting system.

Yay especially for the new content!

But there is a drawback. It seems that all of your existing Cannith-crafted shards are going to become worthless. Not convertible into essence. Not usable. Just junk, that you will have to throw away to free up bank space.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is Cordovan’s announcement:

When Cannith Crafting is updated in Update 32, old Cannith Crafting shards will no longer be compatible with crafting machines. Players can currently convert their unused shards into Essences, and should do so prior to the release of Update 32. Old Cannith Crafting shards will not be able to be converted into essences when Update 32 is released.

This is a small drawback, as we can take action now that completely mitigates it most of it. Deconstruct all your shards. All of them. Deconstruction converts them back into various essences, and essences do convert into the new system.

On the other hand, there is a class of shard that does not deconstruct. Shards of Potential and Shards of Masterful Crafstmanship are what they are and do not disassemble into constituent parts.

If you are like me, this is somewhat of a problem in that I made lots and lots of these kinds of shards and set them aside for my non-crafting characters to use as needed, without worry.

Which was nice, and very convenient, for the longest time but now represents a non-desconstructable burden.

These do not desconstruct. Sight.

One could, I suppose, try to use all of these shards in some kind of humongous craftapalooza, and then deconstruct all the resulting items. Items deconstruct just fine, however, that does not actually recover any of the essences used up to create Potential shards.

Yet it might feel better, as you don’t have to just destroy anything. Your shards are achieving a purpose, of sorts, regardless of the efficacy of said purpose.

Who needs math when you can feel better, right?

Either way, best do something, and do it now. Update 32 is scheduled for September 13! And then all of these lovely shards become just piles of pixelated rock.

And no one wants that.

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  1. Well I guess I know what I’m going to be doing this evening while Deus Ex installs ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I guess I need to remember to do that….

    I suspect I will forget and end up throwing them all away in a few weeks though…

  3. I sold my hundreds of shards of potential created while levelling my crafting up for some garbage amount of platinum. Also my +1 to +5 enhancement shards as they can’t be deconstructed either.

    I’m a bit pissed off that as a result of a new crafting system we’ve had to manually junk the items which we created for the old one. I would have expected there to have been a script at login (or an option in the character selection screen) that would have gone through the character, bank, TR cache, shared bank, shared ingredient storage and “reversed” the creation back to their material parts – not just given us back a percentage of what it took to craft them in the first place.

    I’m especially pissed off that players with an interest in crafting who have been doing other things who might be tempted back by U32 are going to log in and find out that it’s too late for them and their old shards are now useless. Can we blame them if they just log back off again with a feeling they’ve been screwed? That might seem irrational, but we’re not dealing with rational.

    As it is, I’ll be logging onto all of my characters and dumping tens of thousands of greater and lesser essences into the shared ingredient storage and hoping that this somehow makes it easier for the conversion process to find them and turn them into whatever it is we’ll be using going forward.

    As a project, I’m giving this 2/10 for “change management”, regardless of any debate on whether the new crafting system is actually an improvement or not.

    • I’m sure I’ll not use any of my shards in time, but that’s OK, I like having relics like these … they have a certain collector’s value to some weird collector[hoarder] like me =)

      I’ve kept my Anniversary d20s, even the ones that somehow popped out of the dice bag, and won’t go back in, that was meaner than this update ๐Ÿ˜›

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