Mar 232011

It seems that our little blogspace playground myDDO is getting some attention from the community relations team. I’m taking advantage of the increased exposure to dust off – and update – a wishlist of myDDO changes that I first published in 2009.

Top Five myDDO Change Suggestions:

  1. Please fix the bug that is preventing everyone from posting as their character (new)
  2. Please add a myDDO-global search feature: Some folks have written some really good stuff. I sure wish I could find it (previously #1)
  3. Please give us a widget to place the Facebook Like button on our home page (new)
  4. A widget or other way to place our Tag Cloud on our home page (previously #3)
  5. Some form of local search feature: There are blogs over 100 posts. I bet some of those posts are good too! (previously #4)

Please note that most of these (especially #3 and #4) could be implemented simply by letting us put iframes or javascript on our pages. #2 is about three lines of HTML on the myDDO toolbar if you are willing to imbed a Bing or Google search box. And at least one of them (#3) fits right in with Turbine’s apparent plan to conquer the world via social networking.

I hope this not another quixotic tilt at the immovable windmills of Turbine’s WordPress MU implementation. I am encouraged by the fact that some of the original wish list has in fact come to pass:

  • A local browse feature: WordPress MU supports excerpts. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could scroll through a blog’s excerpts and pick interesting posts? (previously #5 but now the RSS feed provides this feature. Sort of)
  • Remove Most Rated and Highest Rated from the main page and replace them with something dynamic and useful like Dev Picks of the Week or something (previously #2 but now these sections have been removed)

What do you think?

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