Nov 022011

An update to the map that shows all of the zones in the game in relationship to each other.

Please feel encouraged to let me know of anything that is missed or misstated.

Click for full-size version

Click the image for a full-size version.

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  1. Hi, good job on the map. One thing I would change, is the Lordsmarch Plaza, which is Mixed, not Pay to Play only.

    And Delera’s, I guess that depends on how you view Mabar. I would say that in its normal state, it has only P2P quests.

  2. Wow. That map brings into sharp relief just how “F2P” this game has ceased being. Tsk.

  3. House C. also has a crafting hall.

  4. not a bad map.

  5. Sweet,
    New wall paper 😉

  6. Argh I had Lordsmarch wrong in version 1, corrected in version 2, back to being wrong again in version 3. Will fix.

    I had Delera’s Graveyard as P2P in version 1 but someone pointed out that there is actually one F2P quest in there. I can (and will!) double check this.

    Regarding the other comments from everyone (and thank you all for them!), I had to make some decisions to keep this from becoming so complicated that it was unreadable. And so I did:

    1. It only counts as a quest if it has monsters in it. Thus, the House K crafting hall contain no quests even though it sort of does.

    2. Zones that are entirely contained within other zones and have no special entrance or egress are not shown. Thus, the crafting hall in House K is shown (it is a teleport landing zone) but the crafting hall in House C is not.

    This same reasoning allowed me to leave off the Black Anvil Forest, The Salty Wench, the One-Eared Bugbear, and several other “zones” that are either just sub-zones within a public zone or “foyer zones” that are really extensions of the quests they frontload.

    I really should follow through on my threat to make this a clickmap and have zones blowup into greater detail when selected. If only I had actual ambition, rather than the drab semi-motivation that I use to (barely) drag myself from one day to the next.

    Update to follow shortly.

  7. I’m pretty sure that all the quests in Delera’s Graveyard are P2P. Great map, though!

  8. Nope. One quest – Keepers Sanctuary – is F2P.

  9. You sure? ‘Cause until last year when they opened it for Mabar, you couldn’t even get INTO Delera’s Graveyard without the pack, and the Wiki page for Keeper’s Sanctuary started in ’07 (not to mention saying that it’s part of the pack, ’cause while that could be mistaken I can’t think of a way to futz with the dates on the History page…). Also the description for the Delera pack says “9 hand-crafted adventures”

    * The Mystery of Delera’s Tomb
    * The Missing Party
    * Free Delera
    * Return to Delera’s Tomb (Quest)
    * Thrall of the Necromancer
    * Valak’s Mausoleum – aka Dead Girl’s Spellbook
    * The Keeper’s Sanctuary
    * And the Dead Shall Rise…
    * From Beyond the Grave

    That would be 9, unless you can think of another one I’m missing to replace Keeper…

    Unfortunately, my alt account doesn’t have any characters who could do Haunted Library to double check…

  10. I am stating that Keeper’s Sanctuary is F2P like I know it for a fact, but no, I am actually repeating information that I was given the last time I posted this map ( I attempted to log in with my F2P mule to find out once and for all but she is too low level.

    Anyone have an F2P character that is 6th level+ and has completed the Haunted Library? If so, would you mind checking the quest Keepers Sanctuary in Delera’s Graveyard to see if it is F2P or not?

  11. Make it a clicky map!! =D

  12. Could you comment the colours of the links between the different zones. Great otherwise!

  13. Yep, just did Haunted to get access to Keepers Sanctuary on my “not so much premium” account, and the quest giver in House Jorasco is showing the P2P symbol over his head. So Delera’s quests are all P2P and the info in wiki is correct.

  14. @MANUB67: At a guess, black is for direct, permanent links (portals, gates, etc.); white is for farshifters; and blue is for caravans/airships/etc.

  15. @Modulex: Thanks for the confirmation, I will update the map

    @Manub67: Lrdslvrhnd about has it.

    * Black is for direct connections
    * Blue is for sea connections
    * White is teleport/planeshift/airship/caravan

    Really the colors don’t matter, every zone transfer works the same no matter what story element explains it … I like them though 🙂

  16. Although now that I look again, I have the Reaver’s Refuge connections as direct but they are in fact teleports.

  17. Oh, now that I look at connections u mentioned, House P and Zawabi’s Refuge connection is a bit different, ie. u do the Caravan quest, and after that it transports both ways.
    Has the MP spire airship transport been there always, or is it a later addition?

  18. The gianthold area does contain some quests soo I suggest you change the grey colour to the red one since its P2P.

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