Apr 292013

Thrown to the winds
Thrown to the winds like so much dandelion seed

With today being the day that myDDO is officially scheduled for destruction (and Turbine insists that no, really, they mean it this time!), it seems like a good opportunity to provide an update on where DDO-based blogging is now and how it is being done.

Standalone Blog Sites

I am aware of 23 blogs that have DDO as a primary topic. Some of these 23 have been in existence for some time but most have sprung up since myDDO’s doom was announced. You can find a static list of them here, along with a rolling RSS feed of the latest 10 posts from those 23 blogs. Clicking on the Other DDO Blogs label (found somewhere along the right margin of all DDOGamer pages) will take you there too.

Evennote has done a great job of tracking down DDO bloggers and has assembled her own (superior) version of the list which you can find on her blog Even Now.

She too has created a rolling RSS feed but hers has been given its own website and includes way more than just the ten latest stories. Her effort is the site OurDDO and she has been tireless in assuring it’s availability and completeness.

Although now that I look, it has no DDOGamer articles. DDOGamer articles are less filling and taste great, but you will have to continue perusing this site directly to find them.

If you have a DDO site that is not listed on Other DDO Blogs or on OurDDO, let Evennote know. Me too. We’ll help get the word out about your work. Plus we like to read DDO stuffs.

Imbedded Blogs

Not everyone has the time, know how or desire to set up their own site. Those who wish to continue having a DDO blogging location but do not wish to build their own are welcome to settle here. 13 people have done just that, although not all of them have written yet.

You can find the list of authors towards the top of the right-hand margin available on every DDOGamer page, in a section titled “DDO Writers”. Clicking on the author name will take directly to their work.

If you want to participate in DDO blogging but aren’t ready for your own site, let me know by filling out a feedback on this site’s FAQs page.

Mea Culpa

This week’s DDOCast goes into great length about the importance of a good apology, it seems I owe one of my own. There were at least two people who inquired about blogging on DDOGamer but for some reason I missed their inquiries until several weeks had passed.

If you ever try to reach me and don’t get a response in a reasonable time, please just try again, don’t keep waiting. I get a lot of spam and may have missed your message. Another idea is to try more than one contact medium; direct messages on twitter (@geoffhanna) work although I think you have to follow me to send one. Private IMs on the DDO forums are better, my forum name is geoffhanna.

I think I have caught up with everyone, if you haven’t heard from me still then I am at an utter loss. Please send another message.

My apologies again to those who had to wait so long for a reply.


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