Mar 282011

Finally the rumors and leaks come to an end and we get to see the big changes spelled out in descriptive detail.

But there are so many!

ChangeSpells are changing. Casters are changing. Melee is changing. Monsters are changing. Epic is changing. Weapons are changing. Stuns and trips are changing. Metamagics are changing.

Change change change change change.

They are not small changes either. It is dozens and dozens of differing levels of revamp, from tweaky jiggering of spell point costs to complete redesigns of entire features.

It looks like Favored Souls and Rogues are going to come out of this pretty well. Otherwise, I just can’t tell yet.

Update 9 is HUUUUGE,
Rebalancing the whole game!
Love? Hate? I can’t tell!

More analysis is needed. Oh wait, I am an analyst! More time is needed. Much more.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Don’t love or hate: just poke.

  2. I know! Since Saturday, I’ve alternated between giddy excitement and information overload. Cannot… process… information… and I still haven’t read the entire release notes! Like a guildie said, I didn’t know DDO came with homework! 😀

  3. The min-maxers will shriek, and the rest of us will see what happens and adapt without much more than token grumbling, I expect.

  4. From what I’ve read it seems that monks will be hit hardest by this update from the dps loss/ki regen trouble due to the the auto-crit changes. I guess until it goes live and I see it for myself, I’ll be living with the terror of my favorite toon being unplayable (your Oriental build, of course). And I thought I had a tough time getting her in groups as it was XD

  5. I have never had an issue gaining Ki with Oriental. I suspect you will be fine. That’s how Turbine changes generally work by the way, things are _Diffferent_, but generally, not really _Worse_

  6. Oh, I never have issues with ki either. Monk forums were just screamin’ nerf for stun and dex/wis builds. My monkzard’s not retiring anytime soon, I just meant unplayable as in being shunned by more groups. I’m actually rolling a second one that’s STR based so I can drop Finesse for SF:Necro and play with the new PM form for a self healing ninja zombie. May not work too well but for sure sounds interesting. XD

  7. I think that some monks were using stun+autocrit in Crane form to be able to launch Ki-powered punches on _every_ punch. Those monks are indeed going to have to adjust their Ki usage. And you know, a ninja zombie sounds kind of interesting to me too 🙂

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