May 032011

Soooo creepy! One of the females in the group found some parts to be unusually disturbing. None of the guys of course, we are way too rough and tumble to be put off by something in a video game.

As far as you know anyway 🙂

The quests feature sufficient variety from each other and have a nice danger factor too. There are several places where the swarming can be overpowering if one fails to properly manage agro. I especially appreciated the sprawling Saltire District map: so big it is hard to believe it is only one quest.

I was originally a bit nonplussed that Turbine chose to create a new monster rather than feature something else from the existing mythos. I am now more familiar with the monster they created, no doubt that they do add to the atmosphere, but I would still have preferred adding an existing monster* to the game over creating something new. I guess I remain a D&D purist.

*Doppleganger, Hordling, Umber Hulk, any of a number of different lycanthropes, some of the creepier Fiend Folio stuff, etc. And with Umber Hulks you’d get Confusion too!

For a variety of reasons, we didn’t get to the quest finale until last night. The last quest brings the creepiness to a new high (low?) that most of us really enjoyed. Gotta love the hidden bonuses (bonii?) too, makes you really stop and look around to insure nothing important is missed.

Eventually, as these things always do, it came down to us versus the boss. No spoilers here, but I can tell you that figuring out the winning tactic was fun! Just difficult enough to feel rewarding when the secret was uncovered.

Xoriat monster
Clearly is truly insane
Talks in stereo

We already know the next update is madness-related: the named items in this update can be upgrade through an attribute called “touch of madness”. It will be interesting to see how Turbine tops the insanity of the Update 9 quests.

🙂 😀 🙂

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