Mar 112011

At last! Actual Update 9 information! We’ve known three rumor-iffic things for awhile now:

  • There will be more spells
  • There will not be druids
  • An icon of a vampire and an icon of a zombie are somehow involved

But now the cone of silence has leaked and we have real bona fide non-rumor information: Eladrin posted the specs for the first level of a new Favored Soul prestige enhancement, Angel of Vengeance.

Analysis suggests that the new PrE will be similar to the Cleric Radiant Servant in that there is really no reason not to take it. It is cheap, it is useful, and it has no drawback or down side. Highlights:

  • Additional spell damage on most attack spells
  • All-new unique melee capability to reduce enemy Fortification level
  • Additional melee defenses

No bonus to heals, but no downside to heals either. I can’t imagine an FvS that isn’t going to want this.

PAX East is this weekend; the Update 9 information will be coming thick and fast. Stay tuned.

What do you think?

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