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The very first, most preliminary version of Update 32 is available on Lamannia right now, as I write this, for preview by those players who are preview-minded.

The preview does not yet include any content, just systems work and bug fixes. Ho hum, right? No, not at all, this includes our first look at the new and improved Cannith Crafting system! Not ho hum. Hah HAH!

lamannia client

The new Lamannia game client has a Copy button

The first difference is apparent immediately – character copy has been built directly into the game client. No longer something you do from a webpage on, the client itself has a “Copy” button built-in. Clicking Copy takes you down a path where you select which servers you want to copy From and To, something that looks to have been built with an eye toward the future, when maybe we can transfer servers ourselves.

But for now the only To choice is Lamannia, and soon I have several of my best characters there for testing. Except … testing the new Cannith crafting is not very rewarding. The machines look the same as they always have. My Crafter, Coin, now only has one school of crafting, rather than the three she had before, but even that is displayed on the same Crafting character tab as it has always been, in the same place, looking the same.

It quickly becomes apparent that the big changes are not visible and are not in the UI at all. Rather instead they are in the recipes. And there, everything is different. In ways that are going to take me hours to thoroughly explore. Hours that I don’t have.


lamannia crafting

The more things change, the more they look the same


Fortunately, others do, especially forum user PsychoBlonde who seems to have spent a great deal of time working through details when she (or he?) then posts in the Lamannia forum thread.

PsychoBlonde has many posts in this thread, detailing one aspect or another, but has also posted two handy summaries. This one captures her initial thoughts:

Okay, here’s the rundown:

  1. With an xp pot (which I HIGHLY recommend) you can get to level 380ish just by making ML shards.
  2. There’s really no point in going above level 380 (even though max level is like 400) because there’s just nothing to make above that point–I hit 100% success on all possible shards before then.
  3. The most efficient way to level seems to be to get a 35% crafting booster or four (and an xp pot!!!!!) and make the highest-level ML shard you can. Ideally you want it to be only a 3% base success chance in order to maximize your xp. If you do it right, you can get 20k+ xp just from the one shard. With that xp return it doesn’t matter if you lose several stacks of essences due to failed crafting attempts. After you get that BIG xp hit you want to make slightly lower level shards so you’re not losing tons of essences to failed crafting until you get access to another 3% success chance shard. Use your success boosters for the BIG xp hits on 3% shards and spend the majority of your essences on reasonably high chance/return shards.
  4. Once you put an ML shard on an item you can’t upgrade it, it is the ML it is. Derka derp, you CAN change it by deconstructing the item again.
  5. I didn’t have any random items with augment slots on me (oversight) so I wasn’t able to see how those interact with the disjunction.
  6. Expect it to take you in the range of 170,000 essences to get from level 240 to 380–that’s about what I used. You may be able to be more efficient than that, but that’s what I’d expect if I were you.
  7. The toon I used is an artificer so that may skew the numbers a bit.

Other than her use of the word “toon”, a pet peeve of mine, these seem like reasonable conclusions, reached reasonably, after thorough testing and usage.

Later, PsychoBlonde expands her summary. Still in bullet points! Kudos for conversational organization!

Okay, so after all those informative posts, here is my actual FEEDBACK:

  1. Devs did a REALLY good job with labeling and so forth so that it’s REALLY easy to tell suffix/prefix/extra slot/whatever. REALLY good–I found it all basically self-explanatory with no real effort.
  2. To me, the leveling RATE seems . . . okay, but my preferences as to how grindy it “should” be are pretty open, so I’ll leave that to other people to argue about. Yes, it’s going to take a LOT (as in, more than I’ve pulled since the original crafting was implemented, but I’m also lazy when it comes to grinding essences so it’s really hard to give an exact picture there) of essences to reach the top-end stuff, but there’s a lot of useful low/mid tier stuff, too. Plus I think that since unbound items are basically identical to bound ones, now, those who don’t want to craft will be able to hand their essences off to crafters and get GOOD stuff out of it fairly easily. So I don’t think it’s going to be a devastating amount of grind compared to the benefit you can get out of it. Those who don’t want to grind crafting may want to find somebody who is more crafting ambitious than they are and latch onto them, though.
  3. The items are strong across the levels even up into max epics–maybe a bit too strong at low/mid heroic levels depending on your personal preferences–but keep in mind that the top-end bonuses are HIGH LEVEL–the crafting level of the type of bonus isn’t tied to the item level any more, so you need to be HIGH up there to be able to put insightful bonuses on LOW LEVEL heroic gear. To me, this isn’t an excessive reward considering the work involved. Also, the unbound items DON’T say “bind on equip” any more, so getting items crafted for you shouldn’t be a headache any more.

Things I’m still curious about (and I hope others will make an effort to answer if possible, because I’m kinda out of time for now):

  1. How does this system interact with items that have augment slots on them?
  2. How exactly do the arti bonus levels work? Is it better to level up crafting then TR into an arti for maximum leveling cheapness, or is it better to level AS an arti so you get access to the higher level shards faster for max xp?
  3. Does crafting XP gain reset on TR? (I should check this one myself later.)
  4. Where do the new collectibles drop?
  5. Are the random collectibles boxes going to go into the live DDO store? If so, how much are they going to cost? (I’m assuming it’s going to be more than 1 point.)


  1. Make the “add an extra slot” line go away when you have already added an extra slot to an item, that’s just confusing. Also, I’m not sure why there are TWO recipes for this (and you can put them both on the same item although it does nothing.)
  2. Also, you might want to consider some kind of Otto’s Crafting Box–maybe with a Crafting XP Stone and some mats/collectibles/crafting xp pots/success boosters/purified dragonshards. If the price is reasonableish and the XP stone is of decent size (as in, around 5K points and around 150K on the crafting XP) I’d probably buy one.
  3. You don’t get enough purified dragonshards for Eberron Dragonshards, which aren’t exactly common. I’d make it 3/6/9 instead of 1/2/3
  4. ABSOLUTELY MUST add a way to deconstruct shards into essences.

Note that PsychoBlonde’s postings do not necessarily represent the forum consensus. I am not sure there even really is such a thing as “forum consensus”, but even if there is, this is not it. Plenty of other posters are asking pointed questions about the relative power of crafted items, and especially, about the difficulty in obtaining some of the ingredients.

In particular, the recipes make heavy use of Purified Eberron Dragonshards, which cannot be looted and can only be obtained via trade-in. Trade materials include a Tome, or an Eberron Dragonshard, or a Token of the Twelve, or by buying them with Astral Shards. Only one of these methods, Token of the Twelve, can be farmed, one has to just be super-lucky to get a Tome or an Eberron Dragonshard, and with the collapse of the Astral Shard Exchange one may have to buy Astral Shards. With money. Real money.

And that is raising some controversy.

As for me, I am going to go with “too early to tell”. I probably won’t be crafting high level items anyway, not right away, I think named items are still better and if I am going to farm something, I’d rather farm the named items.

But that’s just me. PsychoBlonde seems to think otherwise.

What do you think?

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  1. “something that looks to have been built with an eye toward the future, when maybe we can transfer servers ourselves” that would be very cool….

    Also, I guess I now have something to use all those 100’s of Tokens of the Twelve with.

    • The transfer button on the launcher was something ‘pioneered’ by LotRO for their server consolidation (as well as their preview server copy). Since the launchers (and game engine, as I understand) of LotRO and DDO are very similar (if not “the same”)m it makes sense for them to copy was has – for the most part – worked very well (there were and maybe still are a few – but very few – glitches using the transfer system for LotRO).

      SO, yes, ‘built with an eye towards the future’. Or “past”, depending on your point of view.

  2. 1. Augments will no longer affect the Minimum Level of an item, that is done by the ML shard you make.
    2. As far as I know any type of reincarnation resets crafting XP.

    • Currently, Cannith Crafting XP is *not* reset with a TR. But that is not to say it will stay that way. LRs are for ‘respec’ing’ but you don’t lose toon (see what I did there, Geoff?) XP and shouldn’t lose crafting XP; ERs are for going back down to L20 from cap, so, yeah toon XP get ‘reset’ back to L20, but, again, shouldn’t lose crafting XP.

      But then, what do I know?

      • My Crafter is on his 4th life and has never lost his crafting XP. I admit something I never considered when I did first TR him And I’ve only done TR not lesser or ETR

    • Huh. That would mean never reincarnating my crafter. Which I guess I would be okay with, she dedicated to Haggling and crafting and hasn’t needed any past life feats to-date …

      I suspect most players are not like that though.

  3. One thing that concerns me is for those like me that have been reliant upon some of the old crafted items, such as a Silver Holy Weapon of Pure Good. I knew how and what to make in order to bypass some of the DR’s some monsters had (such as the ghostly skeletons in Delera’s), and now I don’t know what I’m going to do for such things. I’m not familiar enough with the new properties to know what to craft to continue to have the right weapons for that. I have some items already with those properties, but its the weapons I may want or need in the future that concerns me.

    I am sure there is a property that would do about the same thing, I just don’t know what it would be. I am also less happy with some of the newer properties than I was with the old. I prefer the Smiting property over the new Slaying one, as you would do a set amount of damage/ just kill golems outright with Smiting. You never know what you’ll get with Slaying, although it does cover more triggers.

    Anyway, I am sure in the end things will be fine. As always, it is more adjusting to the changes than said changes being bad. I am also eager to see what the new crafting is like (and maybe to see what my ingredient bags look like once all the essences become the same)!

    Thanks for the article, Geoff. I don’t really read the forums (mostly because I don’t know which posts to trust and which to ignore), so this has helped a great deal. Thanks, also, to psychoblonde for their posts and assistance to the DDO community!

    • Items that you have already will remain in place and not be touched, as for the Ghostly Skeletons in Delera’s they have DR/Good only so anything like Holy, Pure Good, Righteous and Flame Touched Iron will break their DR.

      • Yes, I know. But Pure Good and Holy will not be able to be crafted anymore, from what I have heard. If this is not true, then that alleviates most of my concern.

        • “Pure good” has not been available since…
          Not sure about “Holy”. Now, it is either ‘good’ or ‘holy’ and is currently part of the weapon. What I’m not sure about is if it would stay on decon, since it’s not a material (like silver or flametouched). However, from NoWorries recap thread:

          “Other Things (not directly Cannith, but do affect Cannith)

          DR breakers

          We are looking into adding DR breaking into good/evil/etc. That would be a retroactive change that would most likely take effect on existing items as well as items going forward, same would apply to the effects from Cannith. When this is added back in, the negative level for using alignment based DR breakers you don’t match with will also be added back in.”

          So it sounds like alignment DRs will be available, somehow. “SOONβ„’”

  4. “… I think named items are still better…” For all but weapons, I would agree. High level named weapons – as in the newer ones – do seem to be “better” (and they should be), but some of the low-mid range, older named weapons could use some polish.

    But as I’ve already stated, what do I know?

  5. I was able to disjunct (cleanse) items with one or two augment slots and all was well. I even tried cleansing (creating a blank) an item with a slotted deathblock gem and all was well – instant blank with a yellow slot filled with a deathblock gem.

    From what NoWorries has said in the public threads, Arti bonus and the Dragonmark Bonus to crafting levels should remain the same as before the update.

    and as you can see, Shards of Power still can be used as Trinkets – and even get made BtA.

    Store bought Trinkets still come btc, but after wiping them and crafting on them – they become bta.

    The store still has ‘blessed’ items – which break dr and become BtA after crafting.

    Only the trinket slot allows for basically everything….. all other slots are severely limited in what can be placed on them. So no caster sticks, no any stat on a ring, etc.

    Overall I love the new system – but have issues with the inability to make any stat on a ring and lack of caster sticks, etc.

    OH there are recipes up to 425… just can’t make them yet because I hard capped at 384(ish)…. these 425 shards are all unbound shards… including unbound stat shards. There are still recipes not in the system (static effect) and so there will be a way — and currently there is a way – deconstruction of items gives essences, plat, and xp (~4xp per item?)

  6. Still no explicit filter by prefix/suffix? Without that, do we filter by “Shard of” for suffix and “Shard Item” for prefix?

    Should be able to overwrite or increase/decrease the ML of an item without having to start over. I seem to remember this was an initial option when Cannith Crafting came out, you could overwrite shards, but that got changed.

    • I initially thought that they should allow overwriting of ML shards too. I thought that the LGS slot system would be obvious for this use. But after some thought… I guess they didn’t go that route since it would be one and done and collectibles would have a limited boost in use then be worthless again.

      OP is wrong about not leveling to 400, unbound insightful are 425.

      It is very inconvenient to tell what can go where from the interface, this is something where you will have to use the wiki.

What do you think?

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