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update 32 preview
Update 32 “Against the Slave Lords” is nearly upon us – it looks like we will be getting it sometime next week. Time for a brief recap of what we can expect:

Revised Cannith Crafting


New Named Loot

I am not the endgame expert – I am currently not playing the end game at all – but I am pretty certain that the trinket in this list, “Symbol of the Slave Lords”, will be a must-have. One of the rings is pretty nice too. Other than that, we’d need someone with more expertise to chime in with a useful perspective.

One odd thing – there is a Heavy Shield, and for some reason (one assumes budget) they are re-using the art from a previous shield. Which is okay, they have to do that kind of thing. Except they appear to reusing the Demonic Slab art which is a bad choice. The Demonic Slab is the end-game tower shield, still will be even with this new update, and it will be confusing and unattractive to have every shield user running around with the same odd-looking shield. Maybe appearance has stopped mattering since the developers perfected the Mirror of Glamering?


Three new quests

I don’t preview new content – I prefer to be surprised – so even though this is the most-anticipated part of the update, I have no idea what’s coming. I mean, other than that the quests are based on a classic D&D module series. Other than that, I know nothing.

Accessory Crafting System

Hidden away in the new loot post is an all-new crafting system. Not the new Cannith crafting system, that is already covered in detail elsewhere. This is something else, something that is in addition to the new named loot and the revisions to Cannith crafting. I don’t know what to call this – “Slavers crafting” ? – but you will have the ability to make six accessories (necklace, belt, ring, trinket, bracers, boots) and customize what attributes each accessory will have. You can apply four attributes, an augment slot, and even get a set bonus for wearing more than one.

The whole system is sort of sneaking in under the radar. It doesn’t even get it’s own post – it is just bundled in with the New Named Loot post.

Or maybe I am just not as connected as I once was? But regardless, it looks to me like all six of these items will be the end-game items for their equipment slot. Must-haves, one and all (although that Symbol of the Slave Lords trinket really does look nice). Maybe there are named items that are better, but I doubt it, especially since one can customize each item to perfectly fit the character build where they will be equipped.

That is a whole lot of Update 32.

I wish they would have one update where they focus all that effort on content instead of new systems. But I guess that is never going to happen, they just really like making new systems. Or maybe they are not staffed in a way that can be content-focused.


But we are getting some new content, and even if that comes wrapped up in two in shiny new crafting systems, it still exists.

Yay for new content!

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  1. I think casty druids will definitely want that staff, especially combined with the mantle from u31 – that’s a hefty amount of spellpower and evocation DC boosts, though the lack of cold lore is a little odd.

    It’s interesting that pretty much all the items have non-standard bonus types on the various effects, seems they’re enabling people to go with gear that’s very focussed on a single aspect – pretty much essential in the current end-game to get reliable DCs i guess.

  2. The redone Cannith Crafting system is a horrible implementation of ideas generated by the failings of the old version.
    In the old system a player/character could craft decent low end (sub level 12) items and the occasional item that filled a slot between level 12 and 20. It wasn’t great and it did need some love. The problem is that the devs zeroed in a couple of ideas and determined that is what everyone wanted. Without asking for input we know have a system that is diametrically the opposite of the old system. You can fill out your high end build s equipment with one or two items. The increase in power is offset by the decrease in flexibility of placement. Players will not be able to create very much low end gear because of the cost associated with the new crafting system in terms of collectables.

    It is a system that in weeks, maybe even days, will be basically unused by the general population of the game. All that dev time wasted.

  3. The one thing that I’m nervous about is the role play chat blowing up around this new equipment and items.
    That, and one of the new named armor is more revealing than the Starter Rags. I question why it’s even called “armor”.

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