Apr 182016

In the absence of a Producer Letter, we are having to try and piece together what is upcoming by following all of the available Turbine-sponsored social media outlets and reading between the lines.

And so we are, and so we do, and this is how Update 31 is beginning to come into focus. We might even be able to project a date.

Starting with this unexpectedly informative paragraph buried in an otherwise unremarkable thread forum titled “ETA on new packs?”:


We are currently working on Update 31, and are in the process of getting its name confirmed. It’ll be several free quests, largely independent from each other. There’ll be Fighter Kensei, and several other things that are being worked on and may or may not get into the update depending on how things progress in development. We’re working to get things ready for Lamannia, and there is no current ETA. The timing is expected to be similar to our past cadence.


“Several” quests. I think that means at least four, doesn’t it? Two is “a couple”, three is “a few”, and four or more are “several”. Yes?

The Fighter Kensei changes require even less speculation, because Severlin has laid them out for us in this post. I don’t want to cut and paste the entire thing, but check out the changes to the core abilities:


Core Abilities

Strike with No Thought: You also gain a +1 competence bonus to critical multiplier.

Power Surge: You gain +8 Psionic bonus to all attributes for 60 seconds. If you possess the ability to generate Ki, you gain On Hit: +2 Ki


  • +2 to all ability scores
  • +15% Doublestrike
  • +15% Doubleshot
  • +4 Action Boost uses (even though it is currently bugged to be only 1, it will be 4)
  • +2 to the DCs of all Tactical Feats

and this change to one of the tier 5 enhancements:

One with the Blade: You also gain, as part of the passive bonus, +20 Melee Power and Ranged Power. Requirements are removed.


Wow! A critical multiplier, +8 to everything, +15% double strike, and 20 melee power! For free! That is a healthy boost to DPS, and something that Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling), who also happens to be a pure-class fighter/Kensei, will just adore.

Happy update 31 Chelena!

As for the rest of us … four or more new quests would make me happy, even if they are “largely independent from each other”.

“Similar to our past cadence” would mean late May or early June, which would mean we should start seeing this on Lamannia within the next couple/three weeks.

All very nice to know, no doubt. But still … we’ve heard rumors about Umber Hulks (no link, I don’t remember where we heard these rumors), and another classic D&D module (which I think was rumored for Halloween release and which I am still convinced will be Tomb of Horrors). Rumors all, nothing to correlate or substantiate them.

If only we had a Producer Letter to set us straight on what we could anticipate, rather than having to make up all of the anticipation ourselves.

When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me “If if and ands were pots and pans, the world would be a kitchen”. I’m not certain how to apply that wisdom here, or really even certain it is wisdom at all. But I think it means be happy for what you have and stop yearning for a producer letter. So … okay. Update 31 is coming into focus. That will have to be good enough.

And it is pretty good. New content! Yay!

At last!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Tomb of horrors would be great for the classic module, though I’m still more inclined to believe it’s going to be linked to Ravenloft, considering the current focus of WotC & how things in DDO has linked in to them before – but personally, i’d still love to see some Planescape 🙂

    I like the look of the kensai changes, that extra crit multiplier will make for a nice dps boost for multiclassed characters too, especially the caster/melee hybrids like battleclerics, eldritch knights, artificers etc – and will make gnomish versions of those particularly tasty since their racial bonus is to critical threat. I also love that they’re removing a bunch of the requirements for the enhancements, those were rather restrictive & annoying.

  2. I wonder if the free quests will be, in part, prequel storylines for a paid adventure pack (like Shar, or the 3 Lordsmarch quests, etc)

  3. I think many of us have picked up on the hint of a tighter relationship between DDO and WotC, so I’ll guess Ravenloft for Halloween. I’d very much love to see Tomb of Horrors (and Modules S2-S4, as well) in the future for retro content.

    New f2p content centered on gnome or deep gnome themes seems like a natural fit so I’ll guess that’s what’s coming there.

    Guessing is fun!

  4. “Several” quests. I think that means at least four, doesn’t it? Two is “a couple”, three is “a few”, and four or more are “several”. Yes?

    No. Several probably means three. A few and a couple mean “two” and are interchangeable.

  5. There will be umber hulks in U31.

  6. More undeads coming? Better prep Chelena’s blunt, holy and spell absorption items and get that “divine intervention” going just in case if you need to tank in unholy waters?

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