May 022016

Update 31 Preview
The latest version of new DDO content is already extant on the Lamannia preview server. Or at least, most of it is, in the form of two new quests (out of three quests announced to be in the update) and a handful of system changes and bug fixes.

Update 31 is going to be the smallest update to-date; considering the effort that has had to go into lag reduction since the server move, this should probably not be surprising.

Regardless, it does feature my very favorite part about updates: new content! With one all-new monster – the Umber Hulk!

Some Update 31 links:

The fighter and Kensei changes

The new loot

Lamannia release notes

This is one of the new armors in Update 31. There are two, the Drow Outrunner leather armor shown below and also a medium armor made of Hide. There is also a new docent.

Drow Outrunner armor
Drow Outrunner leather armor. Click the image to see it from all angles

There are three new quests in the update, only two of which are in preview mode on Lamannia. I am not going to spoil the new content, not even for myself, so no quest reviews here. But I can tell you this:

Here is the first questgiver:

Update 31 Saltire District Questgiver

And the tagline from the quest loading screen:

Once nearly abandoned, the Saltire District is now home to many of Stormreach’s wizards and artificers.

And the second questgiver, this time in Eveningstar:

Update 31 Eveningsar Questgiver

And the second quest tagline:

An ancient tomb unearthed deep in the Stonelands … but those who uncovered it have now disappeared within.

So it is apparently a gnome-centric update. Also not surprising, since Update 30 was gnomes but came without any quests.

There is more to the update, not much, but some. A whole other quest that remains completely unknown, a tweak to the Temple of Elemental Evil (they are adding Umber Hulks and Griffons to the monster mix) and … beards? Quite a few new beards.

But those will have to wait for another day.

Maybe this is the beard update?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. do we get to kill gnomes?

  2. We get a new area of the Forgotten Realms with Update 31:

  3. That new armour is underwhelming, since it’s a kit bash of existing kits… Be nice if they let us custom kitbash up our own kits πŸ˜€

    Great news though:
    – Fixed an issue where equipped quivers were not automatically gathering items correctly.
    – A Default Group Volume preference has been added to the Voice section of the Audio options UI. This volume slider sets the default voice volume level of new group members.

    Three cheers… !

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