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Flattening the Experience Point Curve

One of the changes coming in Update 29 is a rework to the number of experience points needed to level from Epic Level 1 to Epic Level 8.

Up till now, required experience levels were on a curve: you needed only a few XP to earn Epic level 1, more to earn level 2, and so on until you reached the point where you needed quite a lot to earn Epic level 8. Quite a lot.

1,350,000 XP. Which is indeed quite a lot.

But no more. Now there will be a fixed rate for every Epic level, whether level 1 or level 10. All the same.

is this a good thing?

There is certainly precedent for it. Going all the way back to First Edition D&D, that’s how things used to work normally.

!st Edition D&D experience point curve

Check out the Cleric advancement table from the 1E Players Handbook: curve experience increasing geometrically to cap; flat experience for each level thereafter.

Exactly what Vargouille is describing in the forum post that announced this change.*

* There was a lot announced in this forum post, a lot! But today we are focusing on the XP only. Focus, people, focus!

You’d think I’d be happy; a rule change that is actually more like D&D rather than less. I am on record as opposing changes that take us away from D&D. More than once. All the time. And here is one that actually brings us closer.

Yet I am unmoved. In fact, I am concerned. There are some potential pitfalls hidden in this change that I very much disfavor. I think there may be some unintended consequences.

  • I don’t want to be level 21 so long that I need to have appropriate gear. Or level 22. Or any of the lower levels.
  • I don’t want to have to repeat content that currently I do not need to repeat.

Right now I can power through the low levels (in a few weeks, depending on how much I am playing that particular character) using whatever gear she already has, plus that she discovers as she goes. I have some stuff banked, but not enough for weeks at every level. And I am just fine.

But no more. If I am going to be spending weeks at each level I am going to need equipment for each level. Which I do not want to acquire and I do not want to store. Blehh.

Much worse, and oh it is so much worse, is the thought that we may be forced to run low-level Epic content repetitively to make level. Please do not make me run Druids Curse more than I already must. Once heroic, once epic, per life, per character is enough. More than enough. Way more than enough.

Por favor, no mas.

But if we simply must implement flat XP levels, then I have two suggestions:

1. Start the level flattening at level 25 or level 26


2. Revamp XP awards for lower level quests with an eye towards avoiding the necessity of repeat runs

And there you have it. A preview of one upcoming change to Update 29, why I think it may turn out badly, and two suggestions, either of which would mitigate any chance of unintended evil consequences.

Nobody wants unintended evil consequences.

Because … evil.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. The only good thing I see coming from this is a revitalization of the old Epic Crafting (shard/seal/scroll) system, as effectively tripling the time we will spend at 20 and doubling 21 will require some more effective weapons.

    Also, faction commendation gear will definitely become more prevalent due to their relative ease in acquiring.

    Having said that.. I’m with you on voting against the change. I’d much rather get to my “power levels” quickly and spend more time there than slogging about at twenty for another 525,000 XP.

  2. Evil, don’t think I’ve ever heard an actor not refer to The Evil roles as infinitely more interesting, more delicious. More everything that actors seek in the roles they pursue. Having said that, context; were the “victims” here not the actors per say.
    I think you are close to the mark but remember the equip you personally use successfully at level 21 or 22 to complete quests as high as 23 elite? I Think we all know from experience that epic hard up to …mmm 24 in many cases only “requires” heroic green steel and random plop from here or there to solo.
    Might be different if they were to implement the Luedwig Toggle at the entrance to a quest to turn off scaling.

  3. Yeah, there have been a lot of discussions on the newly proposed XP curve. I, myself, made a (semi-)rare posting that is similar to your proposal – I say we leave the existing L20-to-L28 curve “as is” and just flatten it for L29+.

    Unfortunately, if history is any indication, I will, once again, go unheeded…

  4. So how about instead of adjusting the amount of XP given at lower levels so that you don’t have to repeat quests, simply add more lower level content? This would be a boon for those of us that cannot devote the time to DDO that we would need to in order to level to the top.

  5. For some reason I already thought the epic levels were flat, must’ve been that they’re the same XP no matter what life you’re on, Bob’s small brain got confused.

    Personally, I often like to savour levels, but I’m not a TR/Zerg-train type, far too lazy, I’m also not sure, like they say in those ads, that I’m “more useful than a hireling” πŸ˜€

    • Well, I have yet to meet a hireling that is able to clean a shrine. Do you do shrines? I do shrines and even when I’m only willing to do a half-assed job tidying up after the hot dogs are eaten I figure that I’m worth more than a hireling. πŸ™‚

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