Oct 022015

Update 28 Review (in Haiku)

On Tavern Brawl

Your first impression
My, that’s a beefy tiefling
Put down the steroids

It’s all one big fight
throughout the portable hole
One-encounter quest

On Grim and Barrett

More druidic stuff
like dire bears everywhere
Rescuing vermin

Short but noteworthy
Innovative door entry:
mass velocity

On Subversion

All the best old props
Is that a kobold altar?
Memory lane quest

Scariest fight yet
How many titans are there?
Cannith horror show

On Multitude of Menace

Creative challenge
Mazes and floor puzzles both!
Combined brain teasers

Hold still you tiefling!
Take your beating like a man
Wait there’s more? Again?

In general

Ranger power bump:
Now on par with paladins?
Still too soon to tell

Purple-hand Harry
Flies away before each fight
Frequent flyer miles

Greens fight like Hezrou
Red death noise sounds like Wood Woads
Slaads are new models?

In every quest
He got the thing he wanted
Arraetrikos wins

And the most important of all

Wait, what? At long last?
The mouse wheel bug is no more?
Best release note ever!


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. How can these quests be
    lower level than the vale
    it just makes no sense

    • All of the events of Trials of the Archons (the failed experiment which results in Harry learning he has to go to the Prime Material plane to acquire things in the first place) and The Devil’s Gambit (Harry acquiring the things he needs) are a prelude to the Thirteenth Eclipse, where he’s trying to make Shavarath coterminus with the Prime Material plane. Because, devils and violence.

      Makes perfect sense.

      • Are you certain? Are you absolutely sure that the Epic Vale does not represent Harry’s return? Rather than a rehash of his initial, failed assault?

        • Of that part, I have no clue. I could make a case very strongly in either direction. But the events of Trials and Gambit fit nicely into the original, Heroic plot line.. if a little Star Wars-ey in the sense Harry looks WAY more badass in Gambit than he does in The Shroud 😛

      • I dunno man, I know what you’re saying and it is possible to look on it that way. I’ve even tried to spin it that way in my head to see if it makes me any happier about it, but I keep drawing a blank.

        To my mind we have the Twilight Vale quests where we get Harry as the big reveal at the end, then we’re off to Shavarath where we’re undermining General Horoth where Harry pops up again to betray the General and opens the secret tunnel into the Tower of Despair.

        It’s not clear what happens to mini-Harry after that, but I still see the mysterious remnants and the Codex pages revealed in the Temple of Elemental Evil and Trials of the Archon all leading up to Harry’s return to the material plane with Devil’s Gambit and the conclusion of his schemes to once again make Shavarath coterminous in Epic Vale.

        • **Incoming Wall-O-Text!**

          See, I’m reading into that as two entirely separate instances. Without a more “canon” term in the DDO lore, Shavarath exists within the Eberron campaign setting as an alternate plane of existence. Zuggtmoy’s pages – while similar to the Codex pages – are a completely separate entity, as they originated in the Greyhawk campaign setting (where the Temple resides). Also, the Twelve is the core lore contest against the Shavarathian incursion (within the Eberron campaign) while the Gatekeepers (a druidic order dedicated to maintaining the borders of the Eberron campaign “over-plane”) are the point of contest for the Temple.

          While the Mysterious Remnants certainly make things more complicated, I could very easily see the following as parallel events:

          * Lolth has already created her Demonweb rift between multiple campaign settings long before events of Stormreach begin
          * Cult of Elemental Evil, in their efforts to free Zuggtmoy, call upon the power of the arcane pages which ends up creating a small rift; through which, the Mysterious Remnants (and vicariously, the champion buffs – although the lore is a little dodgy about why PCs never get them, it makes perfect sense from a game perspective) bleed into Eberron
          * Harry’s plans in Trials of the Archons are thwarted and he flees to the Prime Material plane to assemble the various pieces he needs in preparation for a ritual
          * In the process of assembling the pieces (Gambit) for the ritual he learned of in Trials, he learns of the upcoming Thirteenth Eclipse, and prepares to take advantage of that so Shavarath becomes coterminous.

          If, during the course of the events – say, sometime around Trials – Harry learns of the Mysterious Remnants that bled through into Eberron (somewhere around level 7 in “leveling chronology,” which isn’t too far off since the Champions begin appearing around effective level 5 content, with level 5 being minimum for bravery bonus for the ToEE), then adapting his plans to take advantage of this new source of power wouldn’t be far-fetched at all.

          After all, Lolth made use of the Dragonshards from Eberron in her cross-campaign rituals.

          Or, at least, that’s how I see things. ^_^ YMMV.


  2. I got the mouse wheel bug the other day, after setting up auto-gather on some bags, so … Fixed™

    I’m hoping it’s an aberration, and just me 🙂

  3. It occurs to me,
    I did not use a haiku,
    I will try next time.

  4. +25 points for ROYGBIV ^_^ didn’t notice it the first time through..

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