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Update 27 is expected to go live sometime within the next couple of weeks. It is a content-only release; no new classes, no new systems, just content.

And I don’t preview content. Because spoilers. Other people have been previewing the content, and the response seems to be largely positive, with the exception of the content duration; apparently it is all pretty short stuff.

Update 27 Archon

I don’t think this Archon counts as a spoiler. Isn’t she breathtaking?

You can argue that the game needs more short content, and in fact Severlin makes exactly that argument here:

We need content with a variety of completion lengths, particularly at level 28. Temple of Elemental Evil is fairly long, these are meant for players who want to complete some content and don’t have as much time.

Our goal for the raid’s length is somewhere in the ballpark of the Fire on Thunder Peaks raid.


Okay. But then they opened the raid for preview and it was defeated within three hours by a six-man group. On Epic Elite.

Ouch. That can’t be as intended.

Nonetheless, the version on Lamannia is not necessarily the version we will see live. So too soon to worry. If there is any value in worrying at all, which is a topic for an entirely separate post (hint: there isn’t).

So, there you have it in a nutshell. Three shortish quests, one shortish and seemingly-easily-deciphered raid. In two versions, heroic at level 13 and epic at level 30. There is more, tweaky fixes to various things here and there, and changes to the way XP penalties and especially the bravery bonus that are designed to encourage grouping.

But don’t take my word for it, read Turbine’s actual words.

Note that nowhere in there does it say “Fixed the Mouse Wheel bug”.

Apparently, someone at Turbine is going to need a serious talking to.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. What I’ve seen of U27 so far does look to have some great art – I’m avoiding Lamannia so thanks for no spoilers 😀

  2. Some really nice loot too, both in art & effects – since i’ve been playing mechanic a lot recently, i freely admit to a degree of self-interest in my suggestion of adding vorpal to the greatcrossbow 😀

  3. I just noticed this Archon’s armor has a navel. But if I remember Archon biology, the Archon herself would not. Huh.

  4. Hey, Geoff! Once again, you deliver a great article, especially about the mouse wheel but, which I am pretty sure will never be fixed because it isn’t game breaking.

    Also, I am pretty sure that’s not a navel, but a non-species dependent lint trap of doom. I’m just saying.

    Keep up the good work on your blog!

  5. To be clear; it is known across most planes of existence that is in fact The Tongue Trap of Androgynous Sexual Ambiguity. Who doesn’t remember Tilda Swinton in Constantine?

  6. I’m also avoiding spoilers, but OMG, thank you for that archon image – absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I like short quests. One of the more annoying things to me in DDO is when a quest is suddenly an hour and a half, two hours… It goes from being new and fun to being ‘oh my god! When will this end!’. I know quests should vary in length and all but there’s so many that take over an hour in the mid levels it’s kinda distressing.

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