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Eldritch Blast
Since we last looked at the new Warlock class, I’ve had some time to experiment with the Eldritch Blast feature, using the Tainted Scholar enhancement tree only. I suspect most of this information will apply to all three types of Warlocks, but will update should I learn differently.

Eldritch Blast Lesson 1: you need your main hand free to blast

Check out this video showing a Warlock using Eldritch Blast while holding a variety of weapons and shields. Note how the weapons are always moved to the offhand. You can really see this with the shield and sword (both end up on the offhand) and the quarterstaff which literally flies from one hand to the other when the warlock toggles in and out of her Come-At-Me-Bro “ready” mode.

Eldritch Blast Lesson 2: meta magics do not work on blast damage

Which is weird, because according to the blast descriptions, they scale with spellpower, and meta magics like Maximize increase spell power. Nonetheless, no.

Eldritch Blast Lesson 3: other spellpower boosts do work on blast damage

Spellpower applies to all blasts. Impact to force Blasts, combustion to fire Blasts, pretty much as one would expect.

Eldritch Blast Lesson 4: the Tainted Scholar has three different types of Blast toggles

I am making up the term “type” for the purposes of this discussion, it is not in the game anywhere. But there are toggles, and they do logically group by function.

  • Type 1 is the Pact toggle. When it is on, blasts look fiery and do fire damage on top of their normal damage
  • Type 2 is “shape” or “stance” toggles. Only one of these can be active at a time, clicking one deactivates the other. One stance causes Blasts to do force damage and “chain” damage to all other enemies within an area of effect. The other stance makes the blasts big and slow (about character run speed) but they track the target and have a 10% chance of level draining
  • Type 3 is the damage type toggle. So far I have three kinds of damage: faltering (force damage with a chance of slowing enemies), utterdark (does Evil damage), or penetrating (does Piercing physical damage)

Here is what the blast looks like when the Tainted Scholar Pact toggle is on:

Fiery Eldritch Blast

Here is how the blast looks when the chain shape toggle is on and the pact toggle:

Chained Eldritch Blast

Notice that I only clicked the Attack button once but still got two missiles and quite the cloud of damage numbers. The blasts are Force-colored (because of the chain toggle) but do two kinds of damage, Force (because of the chain toggle) and Fire (because of the pact toggle).

I have more to say about Warlocks, but am running out of time again.

What do you think of Warlock Eldritch Blasts so far?

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  1. They seem… interesting. Remind me a lot of Gauntlet wizards, for some reason. The one thing I am sure of is that we’ll see more Warlocks running around after launch than the Bardapalooza thanks to every uber and their brother trying to get their Completionist back as soon as possible.

  2. Warlocks look cool and i’m sure I’ll play one. I can’t help but feel like all the work I put into wizard is now like, I could do the same except for free or cheaper with warlock.

  3. I’m marginally interested in it. How spell casting (aside from eldritch blast) intensive is it?

  4. I found it overpowered. Took my lvl 6 Warlock and Ran tear of dahkhan on normal (so level 7 quest) with one masterwork light crossbow (it wasn’t even a repeater) as my only equipment (no armor, no necklace, hat or anything else) ran through and killed everything – didn’t have enough stats to get some of the shards but killed everything I could – the chain attack just shredded rooms before they could get to me bouncing around to hit everyone in the room. I could probably take other characters in the same quest and do it, but not without any heals or without some proper equipment…

What do you think?

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