Apr 012015

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The newest DDO update “The Realm of Elemental Evil” will go live on Monday April 6. Cordovan (Turbine Community Manager Jerry Snook) has confirmed the date, although the specifics of game downtime are not yet set.

Like everything written to the DDO forums, this has raised controversy, as there are some who have been playing the preview version on Lamannia and do not feel that the update is ready for release.

DDO Producer Severlin responds to these fears:

Smaller fixes are included in this update as well. For instance, arrows that appear as loot will now be in stacks of 100 rather than stacks of 20. And Thieves Tools will stack up to 1000 instead of stacking up to 50.

All well and good, but not what excites me. The thing I anticipate in DDO Updates is new content, and Update 25 should deliver on that in a big way.

I cannot wait for the update because it will contain the Temple of Elemental Evil. I’ve avoided reading anything about it at all, so I have no idea what the Lamannia testers think. No spoilers! Not even by accident!

Nor do I care all that much, in this case, about the Lamannian opinions. New content is new content and I am so going to be there the very moment that I am first able.

New content! Another classic D&D module brought to life!

Come on Monday hurry up and get here!

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  1. No spoilers for ToEE, but a recommendation that as with all new content, it’d definitely be worth setting aside a couple of hours to dedicate to it πŸ™‚

    The rogue changes are still in need of tweaking a bit but are very nice.. i’m going to be TRing a retired character into a mechanic & having some trappy pewpew fun – i fully expect to be going “BOOM HEADSHOT!” a fair bit.

  2. As always, Turbine seems to be rushing the updates. I haven’t been on Lamannia, but from what I’ve been reading the update is just as buggy as the updates before and will require patching. I’m also surprised that Turbine is working on Easter Monday.

  3. Thieves’ Tools will stack up to 1000. Wait, what?!

  4. I have had looks at both the new content and the improvements for Rogues. Honestly the most noticeable improvement is with Crosbows, and yes, rogues do feel a bit less completely nonsense and cheaper enhancements richer.
    I think the Temple can be really great, but there are some annoying bugs that really could do with ironing out for another week IMO. I guess it makes sense to have the easter holidays to play the new content (although taking down the servers on Easter Monday for an update, not sure its the best of ideas), but its a shame they couldn’t wait until they really were ready with both the content and all accompanying things.

  5. Even if the temple isn’t quite ready, the mere fact thieves tools will stack to a thousand JUST MADE MY LIFETIME. For serials.

  6. I really think they need to remove Bows & Repeaters from Mech and really push the Great X-Bow(and thrown weps) and leave Bows to DWS and Repeaters to Arties, than allow AA to affect all them.

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