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This will not seem particularly timely as Update 24 has been around a while, and is about to be supplanted by Update 25. Soon. It wouldn’t surprise me to see early versions on Lamannia this weekend. Certainly within the next couple of weeks.

But nonetheless, Update 24 was a fairly big update and generated lots of opinions. The good part about writing a blog is that I always have a place for my opinions. Today and tomorrow, these articles are that place.

Mirror of Glamering

Coin Serf wearing glamered armor and two glamered weapons

Always looking awesome, no matter what

At last, players can keep the look of gear they like and apply it no matter what they are actually wearing. I say “at last” because this is probably the single-most requested game enhancement that there has been, going all the way back to 2006.

Now, Coin Serf can wear whatever armor best suits her, and any two mis-matched caster sticks she can find the most cheaply, but still, always look this awesome.

Cosmetic control
Looking however I want
Seven years too late


Monster Champions

Some of the champions are more monstrous than others

Some of the champions are more monstrous than others

Nothing cranks up the tension like walking into a room full of already-tough-to-beat bad guys and noticing they all have crowns. Uh oh.

There may still be some work to do in terms of fine-tuning how many champions may appear in certain places, and it would be nice if that could be tweaked per-quest or even per-encounter. And sometimes they generate so much extra loot that it starts to feel like cheating.

I can’t say I am in love with the Mysterious Remnants that champions may drop. Another collectible? That will eventually lead to even more powerful characters at all levels?

Overall, shaking up the existing content with variety is a plus. A big plus. One of my favorite changes in Update 24, maybe my very favorite.

Same old fight, ho-hum
But wait – that crowned opponent –
How do I beat it?


Barbarian Update Pass

All three of the barbarian enhancement trees got a seriously-needed making over. Except, no, it was not so much a makeover as it was a tweaky juicing. No real changes, just more of the same, with an added splash of self-healing.

A whole lot of changes that add up to very little change

A whole lot of changes that add up to very little change

While the class overall has clearly benefited from the changes, I am not convinced that the game has benefited. We already have a lot of classes that can self-heal and melee. More, I feel like the enhancement tree pass was almost a complete miss.

There was a real opportunity here to carve out three different barbarian playstyles; the rudiments were already in place. But instead of enhancing the differences between the three trees, they homogenized them.

Big bag of hit points, probably not in light armor anymore, healing themselves while they swing away at the bad guys. Sounds more like a fighter than a barbarian.

And it is.

Barbarian heroes
Slightly less unused. Slightly.
Lacking barbarism

There were a lot of lesser changes. Some of which generated a lot of comments, especially the change to Healing Amplification, but I think we’ve covered the most impactful.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about Update 24 content!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

(for part 2 of this review, click here)

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  1. I can’t help but think of Burger King and their paper crown hats when I see the Monster Champions in game.

  2. Yeah, the monster champions will remain a hotly contested feature for some time…

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