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Healing Amplification Revamp coming in Update 24
Healing Amplification Revamp coming in Update 24

Up until now, we’ve known one thing about Update 24: it will contain “quests“. Nice to know, but not particularly precise or informative.

Yesterday, DDO developer Severlin let us in on some of the details by beginning a discussion about Healing Amplification.

Healing amp is going to get the same treatment as the other power multipliers; additive scaling (rather than multiplicative), it will be boosted in power for those who dabble while at the same time reduced in power for those who have it at the highest levels. Items and features that provide healing amplification will have their capability doubled (so for instance a 10% healing amp item will now provide +20 healing amplification power), and everything will still stack so multiple sources of healing amp will continue to work together.

I am not here to argue whether boosting the amp debutantes while nerfing the amp virtuosos is good or bad, I don’t have a stake in this fight. I’ve never played a high healing amp character. But some people do, and accumulating all that healing amp was probably difficult and time consuming. I feel your pain, those of you having builds that are lessened by these changes, I do.

On the other hand, I don’t feel that nagging “This isn’t D&D” angst that the other systemic changes have caused (Spell Power. Melee Power. Ick.) because healing amplification itself is not all that D&D. Bing the term “Healing Amplification” and all you get are DDO references, nothing from tabletop D&D. Nor can I find anything in the D20 SRD.

So hack away, Turbine, with my blessing. You invented this system, do whatever you want to do with it. Not that my blessing is needed, but nonetheless, no whining from me this time.

Severlin* also provided the reason behind the change: they want to give Barbarians a bunch of healing amplification. Which means a couple of things, including the fact that Update 24 will be the Barbarian’s turn through the balance pass blender. I wonder what will come out the other side. Will they still be Barbaric? Will they resemble their tabletop D&D roots at all?

Time will tell.

Healing Amplification. Barbarian changes. “Quests”.

As long as “quests” mean “actual new content” rather than “epified content you’ve been running for years” then I am all on board with the new update. My Barbarian has definitely been lacking in zing. And all of my characters have been lacking in new content.

New content! Yum!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

* it is interesting to note Severlin’s current self-given forum title: “Fighter/Barbarian/Designer”. Maybe fighters are getting some more polish in Update 24 too?

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  1. I guess I’ll hang on until after U24 to get my other barbarian lives done then πŸ™‚

  2. As far as I can tell, healing amplification originated with the Finger Necklace in Module 5 (where it was a unique named effected of Fleshmaker and was additive).

    As far as it not being D&D, I like to think of it as reflecting the spirit and not the letter of the rules. Some things don’t translate well to computer games πŸ˜›

  3. I think every single character i have will be better off thanks to the changes, so woohoo πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t own a single barbarian, and I like this change very much in that it will help everybody but lessen the uberness. I hope that the new effects work for all classes or races, although some will have better effects than others. Most of all, my dang Monk guide can make more sense. I suck at math as it is…

  5. “Bing”? “Bing”?? “Bing”??? No, no, no – “Google”, man, Google. For one thing, every time Mr. Gates (and co.) try to be smarter than me (like, anticipating that I really must mean “this” and not what I actually typed, or adding a ‘feature’ in their stuff – THAT YOU CANNOT TURN OFF – because, “obviously” this is what everybody should be doing, etc) they FAIL, miserably, I might add.

    Besides, “Bing-fu” just doesn’t have nearly the ring to it.

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