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Continuing our very late and yet fully informed review of Update 24, today we look the new content part of the update.

Yay! New content!

I was trying to devise a grading system for content, but ultimately I decided that all new content is always good. Some is better of course, and some is buggy or otherwise not perfectly implemented, but it is still always something new to do where before we had nothing.

And that is always good. So all of the new content will always gets at least a passing grade. Which defeats the whole purpose of grading.

But enough pleasantries. Let’s get detailed:

Fashion Madness

Fashion Madness

Even the sky looks festive as Lordsmarch Plaza gauds up for the famous Fashion Show!


Such high promise. Such a lovely beginning. Such a disappointing finish.

Fashion Madness features a series of fights against large groups of bad guys. Not like The Weapon Shipment where the waves just keep coming, but more like … enter an area, have a huge fight. Enter the next area, have a huge fight.

There’s no subtlety, just hack and slash. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you like the huge fights.

One thing happens in this quest that I find totally annoying: there is a trap, sort of, in that if you go the wrong direction you are ambushed from behind by another large group of monsters. So many monsters that Dungeon Alert is unavoidably triggered. In other words, the level designer made a Dungeon Alert trap on purpose. I strongly dislike Dungeon Alert and dislike it even more when it is used against the players on purpose.

Look, up in the sky!
It’s absurd! It is a pain!
It’s Dungeon Alert!

Maybe there are delightful aspects to this quest that I have missed. But I found it to be short, brutal, and annoying. It is my least  favorite quest of the new content.

Palace of Stone

Palace of Stone

Everyone wants to be stone!

A much longer quest than Fashion Madness, the Palace of Stone is long and winding, featuring multiple paths, many rooms, and many fights. Most of the fights are of the new, brutalist style where you face many, many bad guys all at once that are resistant (or immune) to any form of crowd control other than tanking.

But not all of the fights are like that, and the quest features a few areas where thinking and tactics are encouraged.

Turn your DM voice on, at least once. The humor can be a little forced, but no one tells a funny joke every time (certainly I don’t!) and parts of it are quite amusing.

The god of stone says
Everyone wants to be stone
And it’s true! We do!

An enjoyable quest, and one that bears repeating .

Terminal Delirium

Terminal Delirium

Best. Endfight. Ever.

I don’t know where to start with this delicious piece of insanity. Should I talk about being turned into a balloon and floating my way through a monster-filled 3D maze? Or the time I was turned into a mirror and had to fight wave after wave of reflections? Or maybe the time I … no you are going to have to experience that last transformation for yourself, I’m not going to give it away.

Puzzles, huge fights, roguework, lots of opportunity for tactical thinking, this quest has it all.

Protip 1: do not use Death Pact until after you’ve beaten the balloon segment. An unintended side effect of the Essence of the Balloon is that you are stranded in the maze if you lose it, with no way out other than Dimension Door. Death Pact is one way to lose the Essence. There may be others.

Protip 2: remember that balloons and mirrors are fragile! Little hits do big, big damage.

Balloons and mirrors
Dungeon Master acid trip
Best of all: dance fight!

I totally and completely love this quest and would run it every night.

The Mask of Deception

The Mask of Deception

Ejecta must be member of the cult. She must be! She has the mask!

While not as clever as Terminal Delirium, this quest has finally figured out how to provide multiple paths to victory. The people who want to batter and smash everything can. The people who want to ply a clever ruse can do that.

Although the ruse is not easy to pull off, I won’t tell you how to do it. Figuring that out is the best challenge in the quest.

One drawback, when the update first came out this quest was bugged and the optional path couldn’t be completed. How frustrating! I will never understand why Turbine releases stuff that is clearly broken. Why not just delay the release a few days?

Aye caramba!

But it was repaired in the first patch and is now in its thoroughly delightful, multi-path to win, fun final state.

Multiple choice quest
You can fight if you want to
Or not, as you like

In case you can’t tell, this is my favorite quest of the update.

And that’s a wrap. Next content up will be the Temple of Elemental Evil.

I can’t wait!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I liked the palace of *STONE* because i feel it’s got the difficulty balanced just right, has a few different areas, and hey, there’s a nice *STONE* stick from there too – arguably superior to Sireth since it’s damage effects are physical & not energy-based… also, the lord of *STONE* is excellently hammy.

    Terminal delerium is awesome.. tricky as hell in places especially on EH (haven’t even tried EE) but pure silliness & fun… the mechanic of siding with 1 or the other to get a different bonus effect is pretty nifty too. Also, it has an awesome *STONE* tower shield which my druid loves – that high-DC flesh to *STONE* effect on shield bash is brilliant.



  2. Man, I am such a slacker…I still have yet to do these quests. But they do sound interesting!!

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