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Update 22 Preview: Small Amenities

Continuing on a theme, today we finish off the Update 22 Airship preview with a look at the smaller guild airship amenities. Except there are too many of them to do a one-by-one walkthrough. So instead, a table! Because who doesn’t love a table first thing in the morning.

But before we get all tabular, check out the menu to the left, replete with handy shortcuts to the other Update 22 airship previews.

Notes on the table:

  • All of the text information in the Advantage columns is based on Madja’s forum thread List of the new Guild Amenities. I take no credit for it.
  • I didn’t include the numbers from Madja’s thread because I don’t believe them. The Lammania preview is so preliminary that none of the specifics can be trusted.
  • I’m not very confident in the Advantage types either but with a few exceptions, they seem more likely to remain in some form or other when all this goes live.
  • Some amenities have more than one minimum level. This represents an amenity that comes in multiple power levels (I-IV or I-V), costing more but providing more boost at each purchase.

And so, without further mucking about, everything there is to know about the Update 22 small guild amenities:

Amenity Advantage Min Level Image (Click to enlarge)

Arcane Sanctum

Bonuses to Enchantment save, maximum Spell Points, and Spell Penetration 28

Archery Range

Doubleshot 24


Bonus to spell DCs 39 The archwizard room
looked so much like
the Arcane Sanctum
that I didn’t bother to
take a separate picture


Armor Class and Fortification 25

Banquet Hall

Something to do with hit points and spell points 37

Bashing Cargo Bay

Bonus to treasure level when looting chests 36

Black Abbott’s Shadow

Extra Turn Undead, Lay on Hands and Smite. Deflection bonus to AC. Protection from Evil 33


Guild Bonus to Reflex saving throws and Enhancement bonus to movement speed while in public areas 12

Concert Hall

Extra Bard Song and Action Boost. Bonus to Save vs Enchantment 38

Crusader’s Chapel

Positive and Negative Spellpower 27

Danger Room

Disable Device, Hide, Open Lock, Search, Spot 22

Far Shifter Chambers

Teleporter to … somewhere? No one knows yet. 11

Fencing Master

Dodge and Maximum Dexterity Bonus 43

Floating Rock Garden

Strength and Wisdom 15

Forbidden Library

Concentration, Heal, Repair, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device 23

Game Hunter

Bonus to Fortitude save, extra damage to helpless enemies 42

Grandmasters Dojo

Bonus to Will save 32

Guild Vault

The new guild chest? 26, 50, 75, 100, 150

Hag Apothecary

Bonus to HP, Poison save and Disease save 45

Ninja Assassin

Bonus to Flanking and +.25W to weapon damage 44

Old Sully’s Grog Cellar

Charisma and Constitution 17

Otto’s Irresistable Dance Hall

Balance, Jump, Move Silently, Perform, Swim, Tumble 19

Paradoxical Puzzle Box

Dexterity and Intelligence 16

Sellsword Tavern

Your Hirelings gain a bonus to all ability scores. 13

Shrine of Experience

Experience bonus 10, 20, 30, 40, 60

Shrine to the Devourer

Guild Bonus to Acid/Cold Resist and Spellpower and absorption 10, 70, 95, 130

Sign of the Silver Flame

Guild Bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resist, Spellpower and absorption 10, 65, 90, 125

Stormreaver Memorial

Guild Bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resist, Spellpower and absorption 10, 80, 110, 140

Tactical Training Room

Bonuses to attack, critical hit damage, and Trip/Sunder/Slicing Blow DCs 21

The Orien Express

Mailbox plus AH (?) or Bank (?) 10

Three Finger Thad’s

Tavern? 10

Throne Room

Bluff, Diplomacy, Haggle, Intimidate, Listen 18

Trapsmiths Workshop

Bonus to bypass Fortification 29

Wild Grove

Extra Wild Empathy and your Summons and Charms gain ability scores 31

There are some interesting discrepancies. For instance, the Sign of Silver Flame and the Stormreaver Memorial are both shown as giving Sonic/Electric buffs and that seems unlikely. No one is listed as giving Fire buffs so … something definitely off there.

At least one advantage (Enchantment save) appears to be available from more than one source. Stacking?

Wildlife running amok in the flight deckBirds are definitely in stock; several amenities feature a parrot or toucan.

My favorite amenity so far is the Wild Grove, because it comes with animals that sort of leak out of the amenity area and into the rest of your ship deck. Deer, foxes, squirrels and even a frog, just wandering about. I don’t know if they are killable, but why would you try and find out? Shame on you for even thinking that.

Speaking of cruelty to animals, the Danger Room comes with a particularly fragile and ill-fated bird. Possibly a Norwegian Blue? Not sure, I didn’t get a good look on the way in. But somewhere, somewhen, while I blew up a handful of exploding Danger Room barrels, the bird became a stiff. He went off the twig, kicked the bucket, bereft of life, resting in peace. He shuffled off this mortal coil. He run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

An ex-parrot.

Bye bye birdy.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. So the artwork for the new guild ship amenities looks great. Which makes me think – don’t they always tell us one of the main problems for introducing new races is the amount of artwork involved? Looks to me as if they’ve put a lot of effort into the guild ship overhaul.

    I agree it’s a great thing – but once this is done maybe they can put this art ability into giving us a new race? And I mean ‘new’ not a recycled one *cough* bladeforged *cough*

    Good blog as always Geoff πŸ™‚

    • All this artwork … and then we get a button that helps us all to hardly ever have to go and see it. Yep, puzzles me a bit too, unless they have new people on the artwork team they wanted to have a go somewhere where there won’t be too many intereaction (in case it goes wrong) to train them up?

      Also, I would think the lvl 10 amenity Three Finger Thad’s is rather more likely to be something like a vendor type (compared to the also lvl 10 Sellsword Tavern, would be lovely to have a binder point there!) to keep it a bit differentiated.

  2. These definitely look interesting. I’ll be curious to see the final layout on these in terms of their respective buffs.

  3. This new amenity system looks very gimmicky, and over-powered…

    I’m thinking that the teleporter should just link in with the existing city ward system, maybe finally we can get the airship to drop us off in the House Cannith ward!

  4. Just read the new release notes and this caught my eye:
    NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Swashbuckler abilities that trigger when enemies miss you now trigger when enemies miss due to Dodge, Incorporeal, or most other reasons.

    I’ve always wondered about this, even for non-swashbucklers…

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