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Large Airship Amenities
There are 40-some new guild amenities in Update 22. I wanted to compile a list of which airships would be able to hold which amenities, but I can’t, even on Lamannia I can’t afford any of the ships that cost Astral Shards. Also, according to Dr. Octothorpe’s preview thread, we are getting six new (even bigger) ships too, none of which are available for preview on Lamannia. So that is that, no comprehensive list will be forthcoming. Yet.

I can tell you that the Windspire Gryphon, which is the level 100 platinum-only ship, seems to have 10 small hook points and 2 large ones. Apparently we are going to need those larger ships because I am counting the available amenities and seeing a dramatic mismatch:

  • There are 6 large amenities
  • There are 35 small amenities

All I need now is four Windspire Gryphons and I am set.

Lets take a look at the six large amenities:

As mentioned yesterday, amenities are no longer just a collection of one-offs that each provide a single buff or service. While some single-buff amenities remain, for the most part amenities are now collected into groups, each group forming a single amenity and providing multiple buffs or services.

While we can see all of the amenities today on Lamannia, we can’t yet use them. They don’t work; look but don’t touch. In some cases it seems quite obvious what buffs or services will be provided by the amenity, but others are puzzling, we’ll need more from Turbine to figure them out.

This forum thread compiled by forum user Madja is attempting to list all of the amenities and cross-reference them with whatever buffs they provide. You cannot depend on anything in this thread to be more than speculation, there isn’t a lot of evidence for some of the conclusions, and what little evidence exists is based on a super-early version of code that won’t be finalized for weeks. Nonetheless, Madja has cross-referenced a lot of details so maybe I am just being obtuse (yes, that happens, I am often an angle that exceeds 90 degrees).

But regardless of the reliability of the available information, we can definitely at least see them now on Lamannia. So let’s take a look.

Bath house
Bath House

According to the guild amenity list thread, the bath house will be available to guild levels 14+ and will provide 10% healing amplification, increase your range of unconsciousness from -10 to -15, and prevent 10% of damage while helpless.

Cannith Crafting Station
Cannith Crafting Station

This amenity includes everything you need to use Cannith Crafting including a crafthouse vendor. According to the guild list thread, it becomes available at guild level 41.

Collegium of the Twelve
Collegium of the Twelve

Bookshelves, lots of them, line this amenity which appears to include and subsume four of the smaller amenities (which will be listed in tomorrow’s blog post). The four are Wild Grove, Crusader’s Chapel, Arcane Sanctum and Trapsmith’s Workshop. Meaning if true, this one amenity will provide:

  • two extra Wild Empathy uses per rest
  • +3 to all abilities on charms and summons
  • +15 positive and negative spellpower
  • +1 saves vs. Enchantment
  • +25 spell points
  • +1 spell penetration
  • +5% to bypass Fortification

Kind of a weird combination. Madja’s thread says that this amenity becomes available at guild level 35.

Grand Reliquary IV
Grand Reliquary

This amenity is another combination of smaller amenities. Specifically, Sign of the Silver Flame, Shrine of the Devourer and the Stormreaver Memorial. Each of these smaller amenities provides elemental resistance, elemental spellpower, and elemental absorption. They all come in four versions that scale up with guild level, and so does the Grand Reliquary itself which is shown above in version IV. Reliquary I is guild level 55, II is level 85, III is level 120 and IV is level 150.

Note that another comment in the thread says that this is all wrong, in fact the Reliquary grants Charisma, so like all of the amenity descriptions in Madja’s thread, don’t assume that anything other than the name and artwork will make it to the live servers unchanged.

Greensteel Crafting Hall
Greensteel Crafting Hall

This level 40 amenity contains all four of the Shroud-related altars in one handy location.

Proving Ground
The Proving Ground

While the purpose of the Training Dummy seems obvious, I am most curious about the magefire cannon. Madja’s thread lists the Proving Grounds as a combination of Grandmaster’s Dojo, Armory, Archery Range and Tactical Training Room, which if true would mean:

  • +2 Will saves
  • +6 AC
  • +15% Fortification
  • +2% Doubleshot
  • +6 to Critical Hit damage (like Seeker? Or post-multiplier?)
  • +2 Attack
  • +1 Trip, Sunder and Slicing Blow (but not Stun?)

Another odd combination (though not so odd as the Collegium). This amenity is supposed to become available at guild level 34.

There you have it, all of the large amenities in one place. It seems there is a theme: each one either replaces an entire crafting system or combines several of the small amenities.

Seems like a good plan to me. What do you think?

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  1. I definitely like the combination of all the greensteel crafting altars πŸ™‚

  2. Considering it’s early days with a lot of unknowns, I’ll give that the airship changes are pretty to look at. πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome work Turbine. I really like the idea of themed areas, common sense at it’s best. Now if I can just have a system to penalize guildies using the ship as a flying rickshaw to hop the Houses for good deals I’ll be set. I cringe to consider the platinum/broken logic involved with taxiing around the city of Stormreach in some of these larger beasts(blimps). πŸ˜‰ that’s it! Mwahahahaaaa! Rickshaw boats, imagine the colours and personalities involved. Game purposes set aside, that is how these things should work. City is a no fly zone. You park your beast at a perimeter tower and use the city approved taxis from there. The twelve had to have learned something from the Blood Tide. No?

  4. Anything that helps to consolidate things and make them easier to use is a good thing to me. I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes out!!

  5. I can’t help but think how this effect the power curve, and how small guilds will fare.

    P.S. Does this mean we’ll lose the cool layouts of the below deck Windspyre ships?

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