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Airship Amenities
Swashbuckling on our new airship

The recent Lamannia release contains very early looks at several of the key features that we can expect in Update 22:

  • Single Weapon Fighting feats
  • Swashbuckler bard enhancement tree
  • Guild Airship re-architecture

Turbine seems determined to implement SWF with weapon speed increases (a stacking 10% Combat Style bonus to melee alacrity per feat with additional damage based on character attribute) rather than defenses or some other attribute that might make it attractive to classes other than Bards and maybe Artificers. Meh. Very disappointing but whatever, I’ve already wasted two entire articles on it and I’m not writing another. At least, not yet. Let’s see how aggravated I remain as the month progresses.

If SWF is meh, then so will be Swashbuckling. Unless I want to make yet another fun heroic build that is excellent in guild runs but not welcome in the end game. Oh who am I kidding, of course I am going to re-fit my bard Rancyd Danzig into a Swashbuckler. It does look fun! It just doesn’t look very end-gamey.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about airships because they are changing everything, and unlike SWF and Swashbucklers, the airship changes look AWESOME!

You can tell airships have changed the moment you arrive: the entire top deck is empty. No stone idols, no dancing kobolds, just a single button, conveniently enough named “button”. I am told that clicking this button will give you every amenity buff in the ship. No more running about and clicking everywhere, from now on you will get all the buffs at once, thanks to my new best friend Mr. Button.

Sparksy inspects Mr. Button
Sparksy inspects Mr. Button

When you enter the ship, you immediately have to make a choice. First Deck, Second Deck, or Cargo Hold. That’s right, your tiny little air dinghy is now a four-story luxury cruiser. But it gets better.

Each deck is huge. Really, really huge.

The Cavernous First Deck of the Windspyre Gryphon
The Cavernous First Deck of the Windspyre Gryphon

The first deck is empty, as shown above. The second deck contains the engine room. It is safe to say that the engines have gotten an upgrade too.

Airship engine room
Upgraded engines

I only built a Windspyre Gryphon. I have no idea how all of the ships differ, other than in size and capacity. But the Gryphon comes with lovely windows amidships:

Gryphon airship windows
Imagine the view from here!

The third deck is the Cargo Hold, and it contains enough hookpoints to slot all of the old-style ship enhancements you may still have. Cheek-to-cheek, jowl-to-jowl, they stand one next to the other, enough room for all of them.

The Cargo Hold
The Cargo Hold can contain all of your old-style amenities

Yes, if you want to continue using your airship in the exact way that you do today, you can, just stock up on the amenities available today. And I mean stock up, because when Update 22 comes out you will no longer be able to buy them. But you can buy as many as you want now, and continue to use them until they run out, or the earth’s core cools and makes the planet uninhabitable, whichever comes first.

It won’t be exactly the way you use them today because you will be able to get all your old-style buffs by pressing Mr. Button. No more running hither and yon clicking everything, not even when accessing your old-school buffs. Thank you Mr. Button.

But back to first and second decks. Each one has a button too, not Mr. Button from the top deck, these buttons don’t give you any buffs. Instead, they turn on the amenity hook points. Because the new airships aren’t just pretty; they serve a purpose.

Airship amenity hook point activator
Activating the amenity hook points

Gryphon second deck with hook points
Gryphon second deck with hook points

As mentioned previously, amenities no longer come in single-purpose packages. No idols, no dancing kobolds. Now amenities fill an entire room, each amenity delivering more than one buff.

Tomorrow we’ll start looking at the amenities themselves. It will take awhile; there are 40 of them!

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  1. I know a guild master that’s going to be both pleased and pissed at once. Curious that the original amenities are going away in that you’d think that’s a revenue resource. Perhaps encouraging guilds to develop and buy new amenities as their ship grows is a better source? The mind boggles.

    • If you forced me to guess, I’d imagine that most of the new amenities will be very expensive. Very. Now that I’ve thought of that, I’m going to have to stock up on the old amenities to hold us over while we work to earn the new ones.

    • Actually, only the original “gold seal” ones would be a source of revenue (i.e. require TP to get). The non-TP are bought with plat. But seeing as how the new ones are “permanent”, I can see them being a lot more expensive. But maybe not. Who knows what lurks in the minds of Devs…?

  2. Nice screenshots! TYVM for this piece.

  3. I’m excited about the guild airships!! I’m just hoping that I will be able to stock the same buffs I have now with the newer ships, not sure how the distribution of the new hook points will layout. I guess I can always stock up on the older buffs and through them in the cargo hold to be safe.

    Nice job on the screenshots!!

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