Oct 302012

“Too much analysis”.

There, I put those three words together into a sentence to see if they made sense. I gave it a fair trial. But no, those words simply do not belong together; there is no such thing as “too much analysis”. It’s like saying “that dinner was too delicious”, or “the Denver Broncos are winning too many games”.

See? Gibberish.

With that established, let’s take another look at the Update 16 release notes.

Update 16 release notes in weighted calligraphy
Click to see full-size image

I love Wordle. It lets you really see the words, weighting them by number of appearances. The histogram as art form. Beautiful, but also very useful.

Look at the top words in the above Wordle of the Update 16 notes:

  • Now
  • New
  • Longer

Proof that Update 16 is a bug fix release. “Now” and “longer” are both bug fix words: “a formerly broken behavior is now corrected”, and “a formerly bad thing no longer happens”.

“New” is the tag Turbine uses to identify text added to the release notes since the previous version. It speaks to the velocity at which Turbine is applying bug fixes: so quickly, that “New” is the second-most used word in the document.

Now lets remove those words and see if we can get a better view into exactly what is being bug-fixed:

Click to see full-size image

The top words now:

  • Lamannia
  • Damage
  • Quest
  • Fixed
  • Primal

“Damage” and “Quest” may provide clues into what is being fixed.

“Primal” is the first glimpse of new technology, but even then it is receiving less emphasis than bug fixes; “Lamannia” and “Fixed” are more signs of bug-fixing.

I also find it interesting to search the tiny words, ones that made the list but just barely. Among the many, “Animations”, “Spells” and “Items” are all words that I would have liked to see more emphasized.

But at least they are there. Try as I might, I can’t find the word “handwraps” anywhere.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Hm, is the Wordle link correct? Think you want .net instead of .com. You might want to check that again.

  2. Fixed, and thanks!

  3. I think your analysis may be flawed… “Lamannia” is SOLELY about something that isn’t on live yet. That’s not bug-fixing, because the bug isn’t yet live (and a goodly number of the “NEW” is for this, as well). Simply means that they’re not done tweaking the stuff yet. And “new” doesn’t imply a fast rate of bug-fixing, merely that they’ve done a fair amount since the last update to the release notes. And a lot of that isn’t really bugs (Key ot the City can be used twice as often now; not a bug fix. Hirelings have better and unbreakable equipment and better ability scores… not really a bug fix, simply a bit of improvement;. Same with giving them Concentration. Now, giving ’em Quicken and maybe Auras, THAT could be considered a bug fix… but they didn’t. The better equipment and ability scores is simply making them marginally more useful, keeping them at least somewhat in step with PCs. Quality of life, yes. Bug fixing, no.)

    As for “longer” – well, while most of them are effects that no longer happen, which implies bug-fixes, one is “the Campaign System Quest will no longer be bestowed” (not a bug, simply a change); one is “chat notification sounds are no longer overly-loud (something that was in 15.2; did they not fix it then, or did it not get removed?); and FOUR are “Lamannia only” about the new quests, and therefore not really a bug fix.

What do you think?

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