Oct 162012

New icons for existing NPC types are among the upcoming Update 16 changes that are harder to understand. Why did this work bubble up to the top of the queue? Is it to pave the way for further changes that we just don’t yet see?

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason, artist time is a scarce resource, there must be a plan here. I have faith that we will see it eventually.

Unless of course this is like the Muckbane graphic image which was changed three times in the early days of DDO before some artist type somewhere at Turbine declared that it was finally good enough. Not that I don’t love Muckbane but … it’s just a club … and a low level one at that.

But I digress. Today we look at some of the new icons. Time for the big reveal:

New icons are new
Click for full-sized image

I don’t have any constructive feedback here. Well, one thing I guess, the collectible turn-in icon is kind of dark. Oh another: that color (dark blue) is already used to indicate a quest giver who’s quest has already been run. Does a dark blue collector icon imply that I have already turned in these collectibles?

But these are quibbles, and are safely ignored. In the absence of anything useful to say, I’ll take a turn at wildly speculating why the icons needed changing, from right to left:

  • Vendors now have cookies! Even better, they are Girl Scout cookies!
  • Brokers want to sell you a tasteful man-purse. I mean “messenger bag”
  • Collectible turn-ins are now all billiards-related (or snooker depending on where you live). Rack ’em up!
  • Spirit Binders are now a division of the Air Force

So there you go. My favorite Minotaur Shaman is now apparently Technical Sergeant First Class Shaman, but as long as he’ll raise me when I die I guess it doesn’t matter, everything is fine, no need to panic.

Unless you are a cow, because cows are now oxen.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. It all must be part of a superior, ineffable plan. 😀

    And yet soo many important things needing fixes…

  2. Oh, man, I was really hoping for some cookies! Hungry now….

  3. If this is true…
    Unless you are a cow, because cows are now oxen.

    maybe Pigs will FLY

  4. I figure this is some simple, mind-clearing coding they can do when they’re tired of hitting a brick wall in their current assignment and need a bit of a break. Or possibly make-work for the artists…

    Of course, they could use the time to go through all the typo/grammar reports and fix those instead… or in the artist’s cases, to make the Rakshashashashashasasasaha Hide look less sucky.

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