Sep 062011

Another nifty change in Update 11 is buried deep within the release notes:

Dragonscale Armors no longer require special repair shops.

It may be somewhat obscure but it jumped right out at me as I have several characters that wear dragonscale armors of one type or another, and right now only two NPCs are able to repair these armors.

One of the repairers is in Gianthold and one is in Meridia. At least there is a teleport to Meridia now, that helps a lot, yet it is awkward to have to keep finding one of these NPCs every time your armor gets nicked up.

All of the dragon scale armors are beautiful (still the best-looking armors in the game even with the addition of armor kits), but the blue dragonscale armors are especially useful even into the end game. They feature Greater Arcane Lore, something that can normally only be found on rare raid loot (a dagger or a necklace) or by collecting all of the very difficult Tome of Untold Legend pieces.

But I digress. The important point here is that I will be able to stop teleporting to Meridia just to polish up my armor. And that my friends, is a good thing.

Update 11
Full of new stuff, including
Dragonscale repairs

Not the biggest change, not the best change, but it remains one of the changes I am personally most anticipating.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Hear Hear!

  2. You even made a haiku!

    Funny, a friend and I ran a couple of quests last night and were talking about how we wanted the blue dragonscale armor on both of our hirelings, just because it looks so damn good. Alas, I’m a long way from getting it, Even’s got something like 3 black scales, 1 white and 2 blues. None of my other toons have any scales at all.

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