Aug 252011

The most eagerly-awaited change in Update 11 is – to me anyway – the ability to set metamagic boosts permanently for each spell.

I downloaded the latest Lamannia client because I could not wait to see how this worked, for myself, as soon as possible.*

*Yes, yes, I spent some time playing with artificers while I was there. But it was supposed to be all about the metamagics.

The upgrade it is every bit as awesome as it sounds. Here’s how it works:

Choose your metamiogc once and keep it forever!

Right-click any spell on your hotbar to get the above pop-up. The dialog is tailored to show only those metamagics you know, and that can apply to the spell in question. So, for instance, Extend will appear as an option on Haste (which can be Extended) but not on Fireball (which cannot).

Individual metamagics can be set On, Off, or Global. On or Off will apply from now and forever and ignore whatever you may have done with the metamagic feats themselves.

“Global” indicates that you want the spell to behave as it always has; you will manage metamagics for this spell by toggling the metamagic feats on or off.

After some experimentation, I found that this option is most helpful for buff spells. For instance, I want Haste to be Extended every single time, but Elemental Resistance should never be. The new feature really shines here since buffs require different settings depending on the spell.

But I want all of the damage spells to be Maximized/Empowered while I want all CC spells to be Heightened. When you want an entire class of spells to all act in the same way, it is still easier to manage the metamagics directly. The new feature is not as useful; I left all of these spells set to Global.

There are weird exceptions. For instance, Frost Lance can be Heightened, and becomes as expensive as Polar Ray (which cannot be Heightened). In this one special case I have Maximise and Empower set to Global but Heighten set to Off.

The real point is that now I have complete and total control. No longer am I going to have to choose between the click-efficiency of leaving metamgics always on versus the spellpoint-efficiency of tailoring metamagics by type of spell.

Now I can do both!

Total control is wonderful.

If only it worked on my boss.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. yeah I know alot of wizards that will be happy to customize there meta’s

  2. Sweet, thanks. Couldn’t figure out how to work this at first. I’m a sorceror, and this is PERFECT for my inherited spells. Maximize and Empower all the time without so many toggles. Thanks again.

  3. Glad to be of assistance!

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