Aug 212011

To all you Rogue Mechanics bumming about the new uber class that breaks up your trapsmithery monopoly – I’ve found a silver lining in your gloom-cloud:

All of the new quests and the new adventure area are chock full of traps!

Have at ’em guys and gals (and WFs). There’s enough traps in here to go around. Even the mix wizard splash that always wants the traps to prove his multi-class investment was worthwhile.

Mechanic Trapsmith
No longer the only one
Race to the trap box!

Everybody gets some!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. And since Mechanics get more trap parts than Artificers when disabling traps, there’s a tidy profit to be made. /

  2. A friend of mine was checking out the new quests and the Artificer class on Lammania and assured me that both are awesomesauce. Unfortunately my computer does not agree with me when I tell it I want to install Lammania, so I’m gonna have to wait until Update 11 goes live to see for myself.

    [off-topic] Someday I’m going to make you tell me how to rearrange my page because yours looks great. [/off-topic]

  3. Thank you very much 🙂

  4. yeah! wait those aren’t free to play so boo! well maybe now that there is a game mechanic for pets druid isn’t far away.

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