Jul 142010

Last night around 11:00EST the Halfling Commandos launched their airship.

We are not the first on the server. Not second either, not even in the top ten. Or the top twenty. Maybe in the top 25?

But who cares any of about that we are airborne! She’s a beauty too. Chock full of … mailbox … cheaply available prests … and many other interesting and tavern-like accoutrements.

Otto gets an attitude adjustment

The tackling dummy is no match for Oriental Adventures

Otto the targeting dummy is especially popular.

Plotting profits

Coin Serf and Navigator Pawlo look for
the most profitable trade routes

The final night of the renown sprint was extra fun! Countdowns posted in Guild chat, people running out to adventure zones to chalk up the last 500. And then, finally, launch! Excitement – and of course naked halfling dancing – everywhere.

No doubt, there are aspects of the airships that are less than perfect. I’ve already posted some criticisms, and they still hold true. Most of all I don’t like that the new system pressures us to change the way the guild works regarding inactives and/or occasional players.

But all that is for another post.

Tonight is celebration! The airship is up, we win (even if only in a limited fashion)! And we are having a great time with our new toy!

Bon Voyage!

Brymn checks the warp core

Ever the responsible one, Brymn checks
containment on the warp core

What do you think?

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