Sep 042012

Water-breathing air

Even though I have been playing this game forever, it still surprises me.

Even though I have capped a dozen characters, several more than once, I still find unexpected pleasantries.

Even though I have run every quest in the game*, more than once, sometimes dozens or hundreds of times, sometimes I stumble across something new.

* Well okay except some of the expansion pack stuff. There is a LOT of content in that pack!

Even with all my veteran status, and massive favor, and all of that, even so, the other day something happened that I had never seen before. And it made me laugh.

An Air Elemental with a Water Breathing bubble. They don’t really have a head, so it just sort of floats there, unsupported, above the twisty tornado body of the elemental.

Unexpected fun.
Activate the Bubble Belt:
water-breathing air

Yes, I am that easy to amuse.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Air Ellie+Pool=Wave Pool!

  2. Actually, not to burst your bubble (pun intended), they *do* have a head – it’s just hard to see through that swirling mass of air. But with a high enough resolution video card, and if you can get close enough, you should be able to make out a head (and abody). I’ve seen ’em. At least, I think I’ve seen ’em.

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