Jun 152012
Knicker Tam: Underwear Dancer
Knicker Tam: Underwear Dancer

More fun with animated gifs. This one is running more slowly than game speed, slightly, but I think the slo-mo is acceptable in this case.

Which is good because I don’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

I was especially interested in this particular location and image because of the way the shadows appear on the inside of the glowing light ball. I suspect this is some kind of bug, but I like it.

But then I am very easily entertained.

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  1. Where was this picture taken at? Curious minds want to know 🙂

  2. ♪♪ Hold me closer, tiny (underwear?) dancer… ♪♪

  3. Well shadows on a round object would be shaped accordingly, but for the shadows to be on the ball, there would have to be another light source than the ball causing those shadows. The ball seems to be glowing, doesn’t it, which means it should not be showing shadows at all 🙂 A bit of a logical mistake on the creator’s part, but maybe it’s supposed to be surreal?

  4. it reminds me of the power globe light we use for paper dnd/lol… it shows a reflex/shadow of energy if you hold your hand above it/within 1/4″… tried digital film capture/it turned off camera/lol… I have to learn how to do this capture thing? can you send a link to software? would love to make some like these…. is this a frap of somekind?…. like the ones used in the early 2000s’/ or for mmo’s to create youtube videos?

  5. @shin – Tower of Depair, lightball over the quest entry

  6. Haha. That is really cool dude. And dun worry about being easily entertained, I am too XD

  7. The slo-mo actually works really well for this. Dammit, I need to boot Xfire and start getting my own clips of this stuff! 😀

  8. ooooh, shiney!

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