Feb 122011

Like most of the build threads I’ve added to the DDO forums, the “Tim the Enchanter” thread is mostly dormant. It serves as a reference for my girlfriend and anyone else who might be playing the build.

Every now and then someone posts a question or comment. Conversation ensues. Sometimes changes are made.

But this week was different. This time someone just beat the crap out of the build with a load of very non-constructive criticism. I have a rule about responding to trolls (generally I don’t) but in the midst of a bad weekend I instead chose to respond in kind.

Bad Geoff. This is why you have rules.

Here is the worst part: after chewing on this all weekend, I eventually came to realize that one of the criticisms was valid. Offensively stated, yet valid. The build really could use more hit points, and (as other thread contributors had pointed out much more constructively) it would not be too difficult to add them.

After an evening of tweaking, I’ve strapped on another 62 hit points. This is absolutely a valid improvement and will make for a stronger build.

So, random-word-bombing-rude-guy, thanks! Sort of. Let’s not do this again sometime, okay?

What do you think?

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