Under Construction Part 2

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Oct 192016


Please excuse the poor picture above.  I am NOT a picture editing kind of person, so there it is.

So, as you can see, I am VERY good about blog posting.  Yeah, it’s been 7 months.

Anywho…I will attempt now to follow up on my previous post from March.

Following the breakup of my first guild, I discovered that one of my friends from that guild had moved to Khyber, so I followed suit.  I joined his guild and began playing there on a daily basis.  This went well for the most part, but I am not a hardcore player, and I did not group up with PuG’s very often.  This left me solo or playing with my friend on a regular basis.  We did have some other players he met join the guild, and had enough for 4 or 5 man groups occasionally, but none of us were all that good from what I could tell, but we had fun.

I did attain some firsts while playing on Khyber.  I ran my first ever raid, Tempest’s Spine, and was thoroughly lost and was the ONLY one that was chucked off the mountain by Sor’jek.  Fortunately there were some nice players and one of them came all the way back to take me to the loot!  This accomplishment was later followed by a few Shroud runs, which I was mostly a spectator for or a Soul Stone.

I also was mainly playing Paladins and Rogues.  That’s going to sound REALLY weird to those of you who know me mainly as a Pale Master, but that ship hadn’t docked yet when I was running these raids.  It wasn’t until I was bored with melee that I was tinkering around with a wizard.  This was a difficult process due to me always having to have a cleric hire to keep my squishy butt alive.  Once I hit level 7, however, THAT changed everything for me.  There is this spiffy little spell that you can cast called Wall of Fire.  Back then, WoF made use of many of the MetaMagics, including Extend Spell.  It wasn’t limited to 30 seconds like it is now.  I became VERY good at dropping a WoF and kiting like a maniac.  The ability to damage a whole bunch of stuff at one time was WAY more fun for me than trying to slice up one or two mobs at a time.  I went with the Archmage enhancements, I went with Combustion/Fire, I farmed the Regalia of the Phoenix…I was VERY into it.  I wound up leaving my friends guild because there really wasn’t much going on with it.  It was back to just he and I and it was rather pointless.  I DID, however, successfully complete my first Epic quest, and it was solo.  That would be Partycrashers.  The level cap was 20 and Epics were NOT easy by any stretch.  I also dragged my friend through it again, because he had never done one either.

It was at this point in time that I came up with the idea to try to start a guild and invite a bunch of MyDDO bloggers to it.  I decided to do it on a different server and I chose Cannith.  In hindsight that was probably not the best idea, but that’s what I did.  I’ll go into that more in my next post, which will be a LOT sooner than another 7 months.


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  1. That is a perfectly fine image 🙂

  2. Somehow, you’re coming across as “Adiurd” on the “OurDDO” site. Might just have to have a “stern talking to” with the owner of that site (hehehe)

  3. Um… *looks studiously innocent*

  4. Heh. That’s what I get for copy/pasting blocks of code. Looked through all three main sections before I found it. You’re back to being Shin!

  5. I should log onto Khyber and have my rogues sniff out some trouble!

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