Mar 022016

Under Construction Part 1
Well, it has been quite some time since I last posted a blog.  I believe it was right before MyDDO went down.

In that span of time my DDO playtime has fluctuated all over the board.  I would play daily for weeks, then I would get burned out and disappear for a few months.  I had started a guild named Destiny on Cannith, and had invited numerous MyDDO bloggers to join.  The understanding was that it was only a once a week thing at best, but it would be fun to run with others who took the time to post their adventures and tips on MyDDO.  It worked, and it didn’t.  I had many responses that were to the tune of “I play on X server only, 7 days a week, no time for other servers.”  I had some feelers that didn’t pan out, but I had a few that agreed to give it a shot, including our gracious blog host Mr. Geoff Hanna.

There were those that came and went, in a few cases we had some compatibility issues between players, and at one point we even had a group of European users that played together one day a week.  In all it was a lot of fun, and I made some good friends along the way.

Now that guild is pretty much me during the day while at work, and sometimes early evening while at home along with three other members who play regularly on Tuesday nights.  I recently dropped some money to purchase a Kraken airship and any amenities I could get with plat.  The characters I currently play with will be featured in other blogs.

My DDO journey started shortly after it went Free to Play.  I had not played an online game at all since the original Meridian 59 back in the late nineties.  I had seen ads for DDO in my PC Gamer magazine and finally gave it a shot.  I started out on Orien, because that’s where the launcher said noobs like me should go.  I played solo for roughly a month and only grouped one time which was a failure of awesome proportions.  I saw an LFM that was actually a guild recruiting LFM (against the rules apparently, but I didn’t know that at the time) so I sent a tell asking to join.  I was told to go to a website and check it out then I would have to roll up a new toon.  I found the whole “new toon” thing kind of odd but I did as instructed first by going to the website.  Lucky me, it was a PermaDeath guild!  Not being a seasoned veteran I had to do some serious reading to figure out what the heck that was all about, and I had some reservations, but I decided to go ahead an join anyway.

For about a month it was awesome.  Full groups running nightly, a rogue and a cleric were musts, getting SICK of Korthos because you were running it a LOT.  Things were going well.  Then one day the leader logged on, said a few words to another guildie, left the guild with that toon, and one by one her other toons disappeared as she deleted each one from the character select screen.  The guild fell apart shortly afterward.  It still exists today, with me as the leader, the guild somewhere around level 20, and one other member that stops by once every 6 months or so.  Obviously it is no longer PermaDeath.

(End of part 1)  To be continued

tl;dr  Hi Welcome.


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  1. Hi Welcome. Indeed. “Destiny” is still there and as far as I’m concerned, still yours – I’m just a seat warmer. So anytime you want leadership back, let me know. Thank-you very much for the “Kraken” – was working (slowly) on trying to get one myself, but no one wanted to buy a lightning-split soarwood for 4000 AD on the ASX (hehehe). Our “three” is down to “two” until after the current semester is over – why some people want to put college ahead of DDO is a mystery.

  2. If you have time to blog, you have time to get your butt online and run with us once in a while. *g*

    I kinda miss Cannith Night. But my Thelanis toon list is getting ridiculously long, so it’s hard to find time to play on other servers.

    But at least you’re blogging again! YAY! 🙂

  3. Ohhai, I see you on Cannith all the time (now), I don’t think we know each other, though … I played briefly with Comic and Mizz whilst you were “away”.

    Maybe one day I’ll say “hi” in-game…

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