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Update 32 Preview - Loot
As is our wont here at DDOGamer, we are actively tracking DDO’s newest upcoming release and will do all that we can to ensure you know as much about it as there is to know.

Update 32 will be DDO’s version of the first three modules from the classic D&D campaign Scourge of the Slave Lords, which took place in the world of Greyhawk. Turbine has not explained how they plan to fit Greyhawk adventures into either the Eberron or Forgotten Realms worlds, but they are more than sufficiently creative to come up with a way to bridge this gap. Something in the Hall of Heroes is my guess, but … just a guess.

I never played the original modules – they were not as well-known as some of the others from the same era – so cannot provide much information about what we might expect. Slaves, one might guess, and also slavers. Beyond that … <shrug>

One thing that we can absolutely count on is loot. Always, there is loot, and Update 32 will be no exception. Further speculation is unnecessary, Turbine World Designer NoWorries has published a first cut at the named loot for comment. You can find the complete forum thread here.

in summary, The named loot will be minimum level 8 in Heroic version, 28 in Legendary. Some of the items look pretty useful, especially the trinket which I imagine will be a must-have for most characters.

There will also be a way to craft your own slave chains, which apparently can be slotted as boots, bracers, belts, necklaces or rings. There is a rich but limited set of abilities that can be slotted to these new items; you can find the whole list here.

NoWorries does not refer to this new system as slave chain crafting, that is my name for it, his actual words were:

There will be an item that drops in each dungeon and that item can be equipped in 2 possible slots (so 6 slots in all). One will be belt/necklace (chain), one will be bracer/feet (shackles), and the final will be trinket/ring (5 rings).

Sounds slave chainey to me, so that is what I am going to go with until something better comes along.

There will be changes to the loot, no question, there always is, but based on past performance the changes will be mainly tweaks. NoWorries is posting on the thread – a lot! – but all of the posts are explanations and defenses. No adjustments or changes. Unless I am missing one (like I said, he is posting a lot!.

Speaking of past performance, the appearance of this list means that the clock is ticking on the Update 32 release date. Extrapolating from the Update 31 dates, we can expect:

  • Update 32 to appear on Lamannia for early preview either this week or next
  • Update 32 release date in the second or third week of July, by the end of the month almost certainly

Which is much faster than I had expected. I was anticipating a fall release.

Meaning … yay! More content!

More new content, coming out more quickly, is exactly what I think DDO needs. A great big dose of content.

New content!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. This isn’t our first trip to Greyhawk. Personally, I hope that they have us go back to the entrance to the Temple of Elemental Evil but instead of going into the temple, we walk out the front gate.

    As the most technologically (maginologically advanced?) of the 3 worlds, we should be building up a huge army and conquering those other worlds. It would give the masses of unemployed warforged a job. It might make a good movie (we’ll have to wait and see how well Warcraft does at the box office to be sure).

    • However, the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk have something that Eberron doesn’t: deities that interfere with daily life. Eberron could send the strongest heroes and villains only to be smitten by the wrath of the gods. It is posdible to slay a deity, but a mortal must first find hidden knowledge and secret weapons that could take a lifetime to find.

  2. Update 32 will be released in August

  3. Since I am, by and large, a non-lorish kind of guy, it never really mattered to me which ‘world’ a module technically belonged to. My thoughts on this were on the lines o f”like it, play it”. But then again, I never had to deal with licensing or other issues with WotC either.

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