Mar 212014

As pointed out yesterday by astute reader Stormgazer, there is a detriment to having a Thunder-Forged weapon. Apparently, once you give them another tier they start emitting a dark cloud of inky black smoke.

That does not sound particularly attractive.

Nonetheless, what am I here for if not to follow up on things like this? With no true alternative, I am all-but-forced to upgrade my new Thunder-Forged Maul and see what is what.

And so I do. It costs me some shards to get enough Dwarven Ingots off the Shard Exchange, but I do not flinch, these are shards being spent in the name of science. Science, people! Empirical observation! Science!

Or at least that is the justification I used this time.

Regardless, a few minutes more and I am the proud owner of a newly upgraded Thunder-Forged Maul. It is really quite lovely, albeit completely unchanged by the upgrade. It looks exactly like it did, except now it is +10 instead of +9 and has a nifty stacking damage bonus.

Tier 1 Thunder-Forged Maul
Is it before? Is it after? No way to tell. It sure is pretty though

But you can’t tell any of that by looking at it, like I say, it looks exactly the same as it did. Exactly. I had to severely alter the color levels and output to get the detail on the maul to stand out in the screenshot – it looks better in-game – but even I can’t tell if I took this shot before the upgrade or after.

No difference.

I am both relieved and disappointed. Relieved in that the smoke cloud sounds … well, to be frank, it sounds awful, and I am glad to not have to deal with it. But I remain disappointed, as I did want to see the cloud, even if I would rather not own it.

And so I am off to Eveningstar and the Thunder Peaks, running back and forth, looking for anyone holding a roiling black cloud of darkness. It doesn’t take long to find a willing model, and thus I am able to show you the cloud after all.

Tier 1 Thunder-Forged Cloud of Evil
Sweeetdreams AreMadeOfThese was kind enough to model her Tier 1 heavy repeater

So there you go, it really is a dense cloud of inky blackness, and I am quite glad that for whatever reason, mauls seem to be unaffected. Apparently a few weapons are exempt, including handwraps, but then those aren’t really weapons at all. I even logged out, held my breath and closed my eyes, and logged back in to see if that would trigger the cloud on Chelena’s maul. I could barely look, so I sort of peeked, but yes! No cloud.

At least not yet. I am hoping the forecast continues to call for clear skies and cloudless mauls.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. See, what annoys me about those clouds is you often can’t even see the item! Oy. Shouldn’t they have thought of making it possible to see the really awesome thing they just gave us instead of a cloud of black smoke?

  2. There’s a similar effect on the shadow dragon armour too – I think it’d be far better as a more subtle effect, like the one you get on the shadowfell regalia cosmetic kit. Luckily i had a spare cosmetic kit laying around, so my druid can wear her tasty full plate & not have black smoke oozing out of her fur.

  3. I’m wondering if maybe – just maybe – it depends on what the upgrade is. Either your maul is immune (at least, for now – BWAHAHAHAAA!!!! *ahem*) or perhaps it’s because of what you (or “they”) added for tier 1???

    I’d check this stuff out myself, but I don’t want to (hehehe).

  4. Yes, I forgot to go into detail about the cloud stuff. Apparently its related to the type of upgrade you get on your tiers, they are either Shadow or Fire, or combined. So, as soon as you add another tier that requires shadow scales+shadow phligostin, then BAM, your weapon is a puff of smoke.

  5. The maul looks pretty sweet!!

  6. A-a-a-a-and they fixed the clouds! Pretty awesome looking weapons now!

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