Jul 302015

Both of you who regularly read this space may recall an article describing how to create your own DDO splash screens. Even if you only recall it vaguely, involuntarily, and under duress.

And you may also both recall a much more recent article where two screen capture images were given the “deep dream” treatment and reworked into abstract paintings rather than DDO screenshots.

“Ah hah”, you may be thinking, “there is a point here, somewhere!” Except no, there is only a thin veneer of useful points, covering a bottomless morass of inanity and drivel. Don’t look too deep! You’ll get some on you!

But I digress. This is not about … whatever that last paragraph was about. This is about two new splash screens, each made from Deep-Dream-altered DDO images, just for you.

Alternate DDO splash screen
Everything Punches Me”

Alternate DDO splash screen
Toothbrush Brain Cleaner”

If you want to use them. just right-click each image and save it to your DDO logos folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite any existing file if you are asked.

The DDO logo folder is at

[your path to DDO]\raw\en\logo

For instance, on my system, the path to DDO is “C:\ProgramData\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\” so when I save these files I would save them to “C:\ProgramData\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\raw\en\logo\”.

But anyway.

The images are 1024×768, but they will warp and resize as needed to fit your screen automatically. Being abstract, they react well to the resizing and still look awesome.

At least, to me, although my standard of “looking awesome” may vary from yours.

But anyway. Hope you enjoy the splash screens, even though it means you will no longer see Turbine ads for two adventure packs when you load from one zone to another. You will see these instead!

It always amuses me when the game randomly selects one of my splash screens for display.

But then, as we’ve already discussed, I am easily amused.

Oooh look, a shiny thing! Sorry, got to go.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. wow, it’s pretty cool that we can make our own splash screens (although, apparently I have difficulty typing “splash”, as I had to retype it four (4) times before I got it right (write?). XD Thanks! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Oops! I did look at this too deeply and got some inanity and drivel on me. Yuk!

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