Jul 152013

The Shadar Kai Tattoo contest is still going and I am not shy about entering. A lot. I have to hope that quantity will overcome lack of quality.

Here is my second entry, Raven tattoo. It is drawn from the raven on the plains of Nazca, so if any space aliens get a vote, my tattoo ought to do well.

I probably shouldn’t have attempted to show the design on the model and just submitted the design by itself. The contest does not require one to illustrate how it would look and I don’t have the talent to contour it properly. I fear that it looks vaguely Hitlerian and this cannot be a good thing (unless you are a tea kettle).

Oh well. Hopefully the merits of the idea show through in spite of my clumsy lack of artistry.

The Raven from the plains of Nazca
A good idea, poorly drawn

My third design, and probably my last one, is to black out half the face. This was actually supposed to be step one in a design process, I had an idea involving geometric shapes on half of the face. I started by doing the black out, intending to carve out the shapes I wanted, but as it turned out I like the blackout so much I just stopped right there.

I didn’t intend to invoke this, but it reminds me of an original Star Trek episode where two super-beings, one who is black on the left side of his face and the other black on the right, fight to the death among the ruins of their civilization; destroyed by racism.

Not the best original series episode. The message was overwhelmingly heavy-handed; subtle in the same manner as a five-pound sledgehammer.

But I digress. Here is my third and probably final entry in the Shadar Kai Tattoo contest.

Cheron tattoo
Not half bad

I imagine my entries are doomed, that they are looking for the same kind of tribal lines and glyphs that they show as examples, while I am doing geometry and images and inking much or most of the face.

But a man has to have hope, right? Besides, it was fun. Doomed fun, but fun nonetheless.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I like the Raven tattoo 🙂

    And I’m fairly sure whichever design wins will be ‘tweaked’ by the Turbine art department

  2. The episode was Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, and while it was definitely anvilicious even for TOS, the idea of Bele and Lokai still calling for one another’s blood in the ruins of a dead world is quite chilling to me.

    Also, I like the Raven tattoo.

  3. You DO realize you should also put up a mirror image to your one-sided black one, right? RIGHT?!

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