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Coin Serf, loot runner
Coin Serf, loot runner and guide

Today is the last day of a +2 Loot weekend.

That sentence begs for an explanation. Turbine often sets up special flags in the game that allow bonus experience or challenge rewards or loot. In the case of loot, a +loot flag means that everyone who opens a chest (which is normally done at the level of the quest) will instead be opening a chest that is (level of the quest +1).

Since this is a +2 loot weekend, that means chests open at (level of the quest +2).

That seemingly arcane addition can be very significant if applied in the proper places. Consider the Fall of Truth. It is a level 25 quest, so under normal circumstances, any chests it contains are level 25 quests. On Epic Elite they would be level 27 chests.

But not today. Today, FoT has level 27-29 chests, higher than one can normally obtain in any part of the game. And in theory, allowing access to loot that is normally not in the game at all.

Now consider the use of Jewels of Fortune. The loot + added by these DDO store purchases stacks with loot weekends. In other words, by using a +2 Jewel of Fortune, you can get access to level 31 chests in FoT.

I don’t even know what mysterious and amazing things might be on a level 31 loot table. +6 tomes?

In honor of the Loot Weekend, which is still in place until early tomorrow morning, here are two pretty easy Epic loot runs. On Epic Elite, One of is a level 23 quest, the other level 24, meaning today they are have level 25 and 26 chests. With my Jewel of Fortune they are levels 27 and 28. Not level 31, but so easy to run that even my Hagglebot can ransack these chests in a matter of minutes.

You can too. Let’s check them out individually.

Servants of the Overlord loot run

Coin Serf takes us through one fairly easy battle, accessing a level 23 chest

Keys to this loot run: You have to defeat a Rakshasa and a Drow Priestess. There are also spiders, they don’t technically have to be killed but will chase you down if ignored. Coin likes to do this fight with a lot of area-of-effect spells for the spiders and damage-over-time spells for the Rakshasa and Drow. A few carefully chosen lightning spells help to speed things up.

But every character learns how to execute every loot run on their own. My other caster does this same fight differently. As does my monk. Etc.

The main thing about this particular run is that the chest is locked, and requires somewhere around 60 on your Open Lock roll. I have never successfully Knocked this chest, even with a max’d wizard rolling a 20. Coin has Open Lock wasn’t able to pop this lock until she redid her skills to get Open Lock into the high 40’s.

Haywire Foundry loot run

Coin Serf dodges several enemies on the way to a level 24 chest

This is another run that each character has to figure out individually; for instance, Coin is an Air Savant and uses a lot of Wind Dance. Characters without Wind Dance (and without Abundant Step or FvS wings) can still do this, easily, but your timing will vary. Invisibly rush past the elementals, throw the switch, and then block at the exit door until the gate closes: a fine way to deal with the elementals without having to fight them.

Similarly, some of my characters will kill the first batch of Warforged near the magic mouth to see if any Epic Scrolls will drop. Coin is not able to do this reliably without risking the use of resources (Heal scrolls and the like) and one of the most important rules of loot running is that they are not supposed to use resources.

Thus, Coin skips the fight and heads straight for the loot.

If you are doing this via invisibility, you need to cast it four times:

  • Once at the beginning of the run
  • Once after you throw the switch in the elemental room
  • Once after you kill RC2
  • Once after you use the magic mouth to open the force barriers into the rest of the quest

It may be possible to skip the second use of the spell, but sometimes that invites attention from the Fire Elementals in the form of some seriously epic Fireballs.

Falling down the pit after the floor has collapsed will throw off anything that was chasing you. The chest itself is unlocked.

Level 28 loot! You may not notice a huge difference, but over time you should notice that you are pulling items with a very high minimum level (Turbine sets the ML to 25 even when the item should have a higher min level) and total plus.

Gotta love maximized loot.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Apparently the two videos are still processing on YouTube. If they fail for you, come back later and try again.

  2. What software are you using to record your runs?

  3. Normally i would do the 2 maze chests in ev2 and the 2-3 (depending on the jump skill of the given looter) chests in the DQ pre raid, but i didn’t do any of that is weekend.

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