Twitter, anyone?

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Jun 022011

The last couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with Twitter. Kind of fun, kind of not, mostly somewhere in between. I guess that is not a surprising finding.

    Example of Fun:

@hannanimal’s twitter feed. I _think_ she is in HR for Turbine but I _know_ she is a constant stream of amusement.

    Example of Not Fun:

I figured out a way to Twitter-enable this blog (had to come up with custom Twitter buttons), but as far as I can tell, I am the only one that has ever used them.

    Example of Somewhere In Between:

Lots of people tweeting about their pending trip to the store or their morning cuppa joe or some other mundane part of their mundane day. Come on people, that’s what your Facebook status is for!

    Miscellaneous Thing I Hate:

The word “Tweet”. Whether used as a noun (“I loved @hannanimal’s tweet!) or a verb (“I’m going to tweet about how much I loved @hannanimal’s tweet!”), it is always, always(!) insanity-inducing. Something about using this word in this way makes me want to reach for the nearest dull spatula, coat it in flaming canola oil, and use it to beat myself unconscious.

Does anyone else ever use Twitter? Do you like it? Got any tips for a Tweety Newby?

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  1. I made a twitter last month. But it was an accident and I dont want it so I gave it to someone else. They have since stopped using it. Haha.

  2. Negative, Ghost-rider. Facebook is bad enough. I *refuse* to join Twitter (Oh great – now I’ve done it). 😉

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