Oct 292015

DDO advertising on facebook

So there I am, innocently looking at facebook, when I notice something hovering near the top of the page. An ad. For DDO!

Interesting. I file that away in the back of my mind and get on with my innocent looking (I am skilled at looking innocent after years of mandatory practice).

Another day, another session of checking on my friends and family on facebook. There it is, again. “Come play DDO!” it says, “Look at what an awesome yet free-to-play game this is!”. Or something like that. This is the message I am getting. I assume it was the intended message.

My first thought is elation; yay! Turbine is still advertising the game after all! It’s not exactly the broccoli campaign, but it’s something! Yay!

Win the LAST COPY of The Stormreach Campaign

Enter as many times as you like

But then the second thought: why are they advertising to me? I know that facebook allows very specific targeting. Clearly this ad is not for everyone, not with gamer-specific lingo like “F2P MMORPG”. But why me? Are they only showing the ad to people who “Like” DDO? That would be … silly, wouldn’t it? Shouldn’t they be targeting people who are like me, but are not already playing DDO?

Is that even possible? I think it is. Facebook has very specific ad-targeting features.

And then a third thought: why Lolth? Why does the ad feature such a dark and not-necessarily-D&D-looking theme? Why not heroes facing a beholder or mindflayer or something that is more iconic-ally D&D? Like .. say … a dragon? You know, “dragon” as in the second “D” of D&D?

I had a fourth thought too but really, more than three is overthinking it. Turbine is still advertising DDO. We have to just trust that they are spending whatever limited advertising funds they have wisely.

And regardless, Yay! Advertising!

Are you getting these ads too? Are you seeing them anywhere other than facebook?


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  1. I get things like that a lot, aside from Facebook that Google is supposed to know everything I do … yet still tries to get me to play games I’m already playing, whilst browsing the wiki for the same game… lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    More importantly, is that Bruce Willis?

  2. I see them too. Why advertise to me? I already have 3 out of 4 people in my house playing?

  3. It’s a bit like Amazon asking me if I want to check out some laptops – after buying a laptop from them Or hey – what about these SLR cameras? 2 days after I bought mine from them….


  4. Yes, I have been seeing the DDO Facebook ads for many months now. I think that Turbine targets the ads to anyone that has ‘Liked’ the DDO Facebook page.

  5. I can’t imagine FB ads as a worthwhile marketing approach

  6. I would not call that “active” advertising. Advertising on social media and other web-based content is, to me, “passive” advertising. I would consider a TV, radio, or even print ad to be “active” (why, just they other day, I saw a TV ad for ESO – so it’s not just WOW that advertises on TV…).

    But hey – at least they are advertising.

    …even if it is “passive”.

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