Jul 102014

Fall of Truth raid aftermath: loot!
There were chests, but they were not the real reward

Yes, I realize how silly it is to be excited about completing a raid that first debuted five updates ago. But I don’t care, I am excited. We’d never run Fall of Truth, ever. And now we have.

It’s hard to put my finger exactly on why it has taken us so long to get to this raid. Especially as I have run the new raids in Thunderholme, several times each in fact. But not Fall of Truth.

  • Partly it is because our guild has shrunk to a size and membership level that is not up to high-level raiding
  • Partly it is because we were redoing the Heroic raids to help newer guild members level up into the Epic levels
  • Partly it is because one or two guild members would be off the game for awhile for a variety of reasons and we were holding off on certain content until they could run it with us

I think maybe the main reason is that, because of all the above, we would have to PUG to get in on this raid. For a long time, my Gamer Girl’s only character of appropriate level was a cleric; someone she would never take on a PUG raid. I do sometimes run content without my Gamer Girl, but not that often, we like to run together.

And so the Fall of Truth waited, always there, always just out of reach.

Until last night. Three Halfling Commandos are online, all of us are flagged, none of us are clerics, not even my Gamer Girl’s character (her Freezer Burn druid has at last reached the end game).

Lo and behold, there is a PUG forming for FoT! After a hasty consultation, we decide to go for it. I /tell the leader to let him know there are three of us, all rookies on this raid. The leader, Paucia, an interesting-seeming person with a friendly mien and a theatrical manner of explanation, gracefully took us in, and shortly thereafter the raid began.

Fortunately Paucia was both willing to provide the explicit explanations we needed, and also was good at doing so; we always knew who to shoot and why. He did the critical kiting himself. Meanwhile, our motley assortment of self-healing end game characters (there was no healer, naturally) did a reasonable job of DPS. We were very busy shooting this or that; so busy I forgot to take screenshots.

The creatures that were supposed to die, died, and in the appropriate combinations, thanks to clear instructions and also a decent level of communications amongst the other team members (especially for a PUG). Eventually it was just us and the two purple-named opponents and we poured it on; a surprisingly appealing scene, streams of fireballs and rune arm discharges and thermal detonations and seemingly every other spell effect all cascading upwards to hit the Dracolich at once; quite lovely.

Fall of Truth raid aftermath: purple-named corpses
Everything that was supposed to die did, and in appropriate combinations

And then, victory, and loot. Nothing of note, no named items dropped, but there were Commendations all around.

Afterwards, I received a /tell from Paucia the group leader, asking what I had hoped to find in there. An interesting question; I definitely was interested in whatever named loot might be available, but hadn’t even looked it up to see which item(s) I might be targeting.

So instead I answered “the satisfaction of completing the raid” which really is the truth. Loot is nice but the story will be with me a lot longer. “and maybe a blog article”.

Done and done. We win!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. Sorry for the crappy images but I was so busy! These two poorly-done pics of the aftermath are all that I had the time and wit to capture.

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  1. โ€œthe satisfaction of completing the raidโ€ Isn’t this the best motivation of all? Shame it wears off after the first time and completely goes away after managing it a couple of times. But yeah, best motivation we can have in a game

  2. You know, if you guys are a small guild, and since you are on Sarlona – maybe you should have a word with Samius about teaming up with us for raids on a weekend….

    Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice one, Gamers and Commandos.

  4. Congrats! I loved the surprising start of that raid, and the Extra Ham (with glaze) that the Truthful One offers us throughout the raid. Wish I could run that one more often; it’s a coordination challenge!

  5. Good job folks!

  6. What are ‘new rains’? O.O

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