Nov 182009

I can’t believe I did it.

My beloved Mawry, three years of grinding and polishing and hoarding and perfecting, three years! And now she’s just a little 4th-level lowbie with some extra build points.

I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t. I did the analysis, and decided a 32-point build with a lot of +3 tomes was going to be superior to a 36-point build that was never able to eat tomes.*

(*) Because tomes are dead. True Reincarnation has killed them. This topic should be a blog post all by itself.

I was trying to explain True Reincarnation to a guildie. We got to the part where I was describing the Completionist feat. I’d read on the forums that it gave +2 to everything. But I couldn’t find the post; instead we looked it up on our characters in-game.

  1. Open your character sheet
  2. Select the Show Unavailable checkbox
  3. Scroll down to Completionist

You win at DDO

“You win DDO”

There was a moment of stunned silence while it sunk in. For both of us. And then, there was no doubt. We had to do it. No debate, we knew, we were going to True Reincarnate. On our mains, not on some alt. We want to win at DDO! Debate closed, all that was left was to figure out how.

We both want to keep our character vision for our mains. We decided we are going to return them to their “proper” classes as the last reincarnation. And we’ll be careful to insure they have something at least close to our visions at each TR cap*.

(*)The current TR cap is two; we’ll get to TR twice and then we could be stuck with that class for awhile.

A few Turbine Points later and that was that. My beloved Mawry, a first level Favored Soul, with an immense store of equipment in the bank that she cannot even come close to using.

No hair dye, no tomes, no fidgeting about getting her “just right”, no, now it’s all about the XP so I can kill her and start over again as soon as possible.

This could be interesting. 🙂

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  1. how do did you start leveling when you first TR’ed mawry?
    Just go through korthos or did you skip straight to the harbour?

  2. I’ve done it both ways. Unlike higher levels, there are enough 1-3rd level quests that you can skip some and still be okay.

    Plus there are some pretty decent named items there if you don’t already have them stashed for your new TR. I’d recommend every TR do Korthos once just to get the nice no-min-level gear.

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