Trial By Combat

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Sep 012015
Oriental Adventures is ready to rumble

You are green. I am blue.
You are hairless. I am too.

Your red-name hit points never end;
I, on the other hand, brought a friend.

There’s one way this ends, you and I
We fight and strive and brutify

But you know this already, you stand in my way
Do you yearn for punches? Don’t Archons believe in a peaceful way?

All of your friends have been beaten and humbled.
Clearly you want this: so … Let’s get ready to rumble

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  1. 🙂 props for the font, I like it

  2. “You must prove yourself worthy of our aid by beating us all into a bloody pulp, so that when the actual fight comes in the future, both of us are severely injured and missing resources.”


    • The heroic levels for these make absolutely no sense to me, so I only consider as being legitimate quests on Epic. By which time I’ve already seen off Shavarath invasion forces in the Vale and turned the tide of battle in this area of Shavarath by judiciously removed General Horoth’s head with zero assistance from any archon.

      So when some angelic looking lackey asks me to prove myself, I should be able to just point them to the notches on my blade. Pfffft …. prove myself …..

      • I still love that part in the dreaming dark, where the council mention a load of the raids you’ve completed & then decide discretion is the better part of valour.

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