Mar 312015

Your own personal lag tracker

While I think lag is better than it was at it’s worst, it is not better. Twice this weekend I was party-wiped, or nearly so, by lag, and there were several lesser instances.

Sometimes I wonder if the facts of lag play are widely available. If you engage the forums, you will find lots of lag opinions, ranging from curse-filled invectives against the parents of whoever birthed this lag-filled (fill in the negative synonym for “game” here), to the bright chirps of people who rarely suffer lag and are sure any problem must be with your rig.

Lots of opinions. Few facts.

Yet lag has become a part of the game. Something you face as much as you face any opponent. Capable of appearing anywhere, any time, lag is as pernicious as it is ubiquitous. It is always there, a little bit, threatening to blow up into something bigger and more annoying that will severely hamper your enjoyment of the game.

This is a fairly recent development; it didn’t used to be like this. Lag has always been part of DDO, but it used to be more of an all or nothing occurrence. When you lagged, you lagged hard, and probably died. But the rest of the time you didn’t lag at all.

Now it is always there a little. Making one out of every four or five arrow hits never resolve, making a dialog choice seemingly time out before suddenly completing, stuttering your movement ever-so-slightly in a way that you have to blink to ensure it really happened.

Except it did happen. You’ve just gotten so used to working around it that you don’t notice it as much as you did.

So I thought it might be helpful if I kept a running log of the times when it gets so much worse that it affects my game play. And now I am.

Here. In a forum thread.

I log the event, who was in the party, what we were doing, and the time of the event. A long-time player named Daine posted to the thread that I should really be logging more data, including things like frame rate and latency. Except, in my experience, the tools that track frame rate and latency actually add to lag and I am trying to make it better rather than worse.

So, no thank you.

Although I will try to start adding the instance and location when I can.

Your own personal lag tracker

What do I hope to accomplish? I don’t know. Probably nothing. But it lets me feel like I am doing something. Taking an action. Working towards a solution. Maybe all I will do is raise visibility on the issue by some tiny fraction. Maybe I won’t even do that, and just end up with a locked forum thread.

But it’s something, and it feels more constructive than just sitting around bitching about it.

Documented lag is one step closer to being solved lag. Or at least so I hope.

I encourage you to join me.

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  1. Bookmarked the thread, will add to it when I can (read that as when I remember to)

    Is it worth mentioning the server too? (no idea if that would make any difference…)

  2. I’ve got a theory on lag: I think it has something to do with the character you are playing, at least sometimes anyway.
    It’s rare for me to have game-killing lag, but it tales a wow to fully log in and gets sketchy at time with my mason character.
    But on another, logs in right away and almost never lags.
    The difference? One is multi-TR and other is first life.
    it crossed my mind one day, maybe loading all the data of those past lives is a factor?
    I don’t know, just a thought. ..

  3. I will do my best and post to this thread. My guildies and I had a terrible time with lag yesterday on Argo. We are based in the SW and NW of the States, so it couldn’t have been our individual systems. My competionist can not log into Eberron directly on the first second or third tries anymore. I have developed a work around. As soon as I start logging in, I hit ALT Z to switch the UI off. I am then able to log in effectively. I don’t have a crazy amount of hot bars up nor have I modified the key patterns except for using R as my Artie rune arm activation button. I fully believe that the lag issue is with the server set up (which I know nothing about, so don’t flame me. Its a gut feeling) and that the inability to load into a zone is related to the UI. Except the Twelve. I have never been able to appear off of the guild ship in the Twelve and been able to run off and do my thing. Thanks for raising awareness Geoff

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