TR Blues

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Dec 082013

So, as always, long time no post.


Yesterday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I could not figure out why: it was a Saturday, didn’t have to wake up early, I only have one more week of work before my vacation, my wife had bought me some cherries… life was good, but something was just keeping me down.

After sulking for a while, it finally came to me: I miss TRing!

You see, a couple of weeks ago I finished my Favored Soul life, reaching level 28. I was all ready to epic TR and then heroic TR, but I wanted to run 20 Shrouds to get an Essence of Cleansing and fix some green steel items. So here I am, waiting for the time to pass, so I can cure my TR blues.

But, on the bright side, I got to do a lot a raiding in the mean time, because healers are always welcome :). I did a Titan (such a fun raid), HoX, Abbot, VoD, FoT, ToD, Chrono, ADQ, VoN, Piker’s Fate, etc. I have never raided as much as this life.

Some highlights that really made me proud this life were:

  • I was able to solo VoD on hard (but had to drink 9 major pots);
  • I finally learned the path to VoD all by myself;
  • Learning how to use the ‘G’ to get to Garamol
  • I was able to lead the red team in solving the underwater puzzle in The Twilight Forge using the wiki (I had never done it before);
  • Soloing In the Demon’s Den on elite (man, what a pain in the butt that was)

But so far no luck in goggles in Abbot 🙁

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading

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  1. Ooh. Very nice on the raiding. And solo Demon’s Den? How’d u do that? (I’ve only run it once at lvl elite with a party and it took us 3h to complete, with several restarts).

  2. Agreed. “Demon’s Den” is mega-nasty, and I’m still studying how much DPS you need to take on everything at once in VoD. Nice job!

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