Feb 202017

Topiary Champion

Well then. Dead again.

And this time I didn’t even make it to the living spells, I was offed unexpectedly by a foliage lion that I had thought to easily beat.

Except, now that I look again, what’s that? Oh. A crown. I see. Or at least, I see now, I didn’t see then, or I wouldn’t have tried to melee him with a spellcasting-druid-multiclass while waiting for the Creeping Cold to finish him off.

Yes, I have daggers, but at this point they are mainly for style, not substance. Finishing off things that are already dead. That sort of thing. Not for going toe-to-toe with any of the new monster champions.

Time to take stock:

In the unlikely event that any of you are following along, this marks the third attempt to solo the Tower of Frost, on Hard, at Level with a first-live Rogue3/Druid11 named Bricki Lee. Her first attempt was exciting but ill-fated. Her second more of the same.

And now we are up to three runs and the third feels like the worst yet. I am not continuing to progress, but at least I am encountering different stopper issues each time:

  • Trying to hard to husband mana: solved by bringing a giant stack of mnemonics
  • Allowing myself to get rushed by too many at once: solved by adjusting tactics
  • Not properly respecting the new Champions: solved by … well … avoiding them?

And so I am quickly back in on attempt 4.

You seem to be lacking a certain … something

I come up with what I thought was a very clever way to bypass most of the bad guys on the second floor. It worked very cleverly too, until I reach the 3rd floor and realize I had also bypassed a required quest element. Oops. No worries though, back to floor 2, kill everything, carry on.

The topiary are no issue this attempt, nothing that cannot be Creeping Colded and waited out, or if not then instead directly damaged with Produce Flame, Call Lightning and (when not fighting nature) Word of Balance. Because all of these are nearly-free Spell-like abilities that I get for being in the Season’s Herald tree and I am trying to avoid drinking all of the Mnemonic Potions on the first floor. Free spells that do just as much damage as expensive spells are much better. Much.

When I get too many I drop an Ice Storm or a Firewall, turtle up and dance about, anxiously looking for champions so that I can avoid them especially much.

Especially avoiding the champions.

The Ice Storms and Firewalls are definitely not SLAs and are eating my mana. There is a shrine in here but not until you’re more than halfway. It’s pretty challenging to try and reach it without consuming at least one Mnemonic and I don’t even bother trying; slamming them left and right as if I had hundreds and hundreds in my bank or something.

I am back to the living spell floor. And just that fast, dead. Again.

You will not defeat me, Tower of Frost, you will not!

Okay, today you might defeat me. Slightly. But I will be back!


πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. ….and the definition of insanity is….? πŸ˜‰

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